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It is expected that weight loss supplement marketing is going to reveal only the positives of the included ingredients and push those positive to the boundaries of unimaginable results. That is what marketing is all about for any product pushed to the consumer. Beta Slim, however, may push the limits of this marketing tactic. Created by Bio-Globe Labs, Beta Slim claims to increase weight loss and fat loss even if you never change your food intake or exercise regime. You can actually never exercise, according to product claims, and still lose a ton of weight. This is probably a sign that the supplement will not work as claimed.

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Chitosan is the main ingredient in Beta Slim. Chitosan comes from crustaceans like shrimp and crab. The ingredient is supposed to bind with fats and prevent them from being digested. The fat is then passed out of the body in urine and weight loss occurs. There have been clinical trials on both sides of the debate. Some say chitosan causes a significant difference when compared with a placebo and others note no significant results. The Food and Drug Administration has issued letters to some companies regarding claims made about the effects of chitosan which is a good indication that the ingredient is not as effective as some manufacturers would like a dieter to think.

Chitosan is used in the medical industry for purposes far from fat binding. Chitosan is known to speed up blood clotting. The United States Marine Corps is testing bandages laced with chitosan to stop heavy bleeding. Clinical trials on animals produced 100% survival rates using such bandages when used on lethal bleeding wounds.

Chitosan also shows promise as a source of fiber. Fiber slows down the rate of digestion and emptying of the stomach. This allows a dieter to eat less often because the stomach takes longer to empty. These studies are on-going.

Beta Slim sells for as little as $5 per bottle, but prices can reach $20 or more on certain brands.

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  • Beta Slim may help prevent hunger by slowing digestion.
  • Priced far less than other appetite suppressants.
  • May help prevent deaths due to severe bleeding.


  • Beta Slim may or may not bind to fat.
  • Research on the main ingredient in Beta Slim is contradictory.


Beta Slim does not offer proven weight loss ingredients. Chitosan surely has medical and supplemental implications that are proven – fiber supplementation and control of bleeding. This does not mean it works as a fat binder. Researchers continue to study Beta Slim’s main ingredient. For now, we cannot support a supplement that makes huge claims but does not back up those claims.

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