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As you may have gathered, most weight loss supplement companies have some type of pitch or explanation why their product is the best. Countless diet pills are marketed as the most powerful or most potent available. Clearly this cannot be the truth. Well, the product we are focusing on in this review is Bethel Diet Pills. According to Bethel Nutritional Consulting, this product can help you drop 26 pounds in only 26 days. As for the cost of this weight loss formula, it varies depending on the dealer.


  • Citrus Sinensis
  • Senna Leaf

Product Features

Bethel Diet Pills are marketed like most other weight loss supplements on the market today. Put plainly, this diet pill is supposed to help encourage fat loss, suppress appetite, aid the digestive system, enhance physical performance, and promote overall weight loss. There are mixed user reviews posted online for Bethel Diet Pills. This makes it difficult to get a grasp on the actual effectiveness of this weight loss formula. In regards to a satisfaction guarantee, there does not appear to be one offered.

The only ingredients mentioned for Bethel Diet Pills are Senna Leaf and Citrus Sinensis. Senna Leaf functions like a laxative, and flushes out the digestive tract. This is supposed to enable the body to shed weight more easily. As for Citrus Sinensis, it is orange fruit extract, and it aids the body by suppressing hunger, encouraging fat loss, and improving physical performance. Bethel Diet Pills can be taken daily, and no exercise regimen or low-calorie eating plan is encouraged. Some people may experience side effects when taking this weight loss product.

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  • Senna Leaf is used in this diet pill, and may help with regularity.
  • Bethel Diet Pills can be used by women and men alike.


  • There are some negative user reviews found online for this product.
  • No physical fitness is recommended with Bethel Diet Pills.
  • Healthy eating habits are not addressed with this product.
  • Other weight loss products contain more promising ingredients.


There are some diet pills and weight loss supplements that simply do not stand out. Unfortunately Bethel Diet Pills is one of these products. Just take a good look at the key ingredients used in this supplement formula. They are not backed by real clinical research, and are not proven to aid with fat loss. Not to mention, there is no healthy eating plan or regular exercise recommended with Bethel Diet Pills. Since minimal data is provided on this weight loss product, it is wise to consult a real doctor before taking a supplement like this. After all, this pill formula could lead to side effects in some users.

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