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What You Should Know

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If you are like millions of other dieters, you are scouring the web for the ideal weight loss pill or program. The vast number of dietary supplements, workout DVDs, diet books, and weight loss systems available only makes things more confusing. This is why we created a review of Bethel S30. The purpose of this piece is to let you know what this product consists of, and how it potentially helps with weight loss. The first thing you should be aware of is there is no official price posted for Bethel S30. Therefore the price simply depends on the dealer.


  • Flos Citri Aurantii
  • Spirulina
  • Cassia Seed Extract
  • Mulberry Leaf Extract
  • Medical Amylum

Product Features

Bethel S30 is claimed to improve energy levels, block the absorption of fat, assist with digestion, provide antioxidants, improve mental focus, regulate blood sugar levels, suppress hunger, and burn off body fat. Each dose is 350 milligrams, and this formula is only taken once each day (one capsule). Apparently this product is also available in a liquid form, which is taken in drops. According to some online distributors, Bethel S30 can help you drop up to 26 pounds in only 26 days.

Only five ingredients are mentioned for Bethel S30 capsules. The same ingredients are likely used in the liquid formula. These ingredients include Flos Citri Aurantii, Spirulina, Cassia Seed Extract, Mulberry Leaf Extract, and Medical Amylum. Flos Citri Aurantii is used in this supplement to suppress appetite and block the absorption of fat. Cassia Seed Extract is a diuretic that helps with bowel movements. As for Spirulina, this natural substance contains Vitamin B12 to increase energy levels. Mulberry Leaf Extract may help with overall digestion.

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  • This capsule formula only needs to be taken once each day.
  • Bethel S30 may help the digestive tract.


  • There are customer complaints found online.
  • Bethel S30 may lead to side effects in some users.
  • There is a health warning posted with this weight loss product.
  • The amount of weight that is claimed to be lost with this supplement is unhealthy.


First of all, Bethel S30 is not supported by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you will not get your money back, unless the distributor or store offers one. As for the ingredients found in this supplement, there is certainly a lot of hype surrounding these natural extracts. It is very unlikely that this product will help you shed a whopping 26 pounds in only 26 days. This is not even a healthy goal, because your body is not meant to drop weight at that speed. This factor alone will likely deter many people from this diet product.

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5 User Reviews about Bethel S30

  • 1
    Ana Pichardo

    I am really sastifyed with this Pills! I reallr used a diet plan while i t was taking this Product, but, Yes! This really works!! I lost 33 pounds in 2 months and half.


  • 2

    Do it make u jitter


  • 3

    I’m 34 years old and weighed 198lbs when I started Bethel S30. I used it for three months straight. I did run three times a week (that was the only exercise I did) I weighed 163lbs at the end of three months. I did not follow the diet but I ate a lot less. I felt full halfway thru my meals. It was great. I wasn’t having cravings either or any side effects. I recommended it to my family and friends.


  • 4

    I took Bethel 30 for a month and lost 30 lbs. I also only ate veggies the whole time I took it. I didn’t work out. I just ate vegetables. The thing is I was never hungry. It’s been 8 months since I took it and I didn’t gain any of the weight back. The only thing is that after a month of taking it I stopped losing weight so I stopped taking it. I’m gonna start again cause I wanna shed another 30lbs :)


  • 5
    Sandy C

    I was at a weight of 160lbs. I worked out at the gym regulary and ate healthy, however could not shed the weight. After a friend recommended Bethel S30 so I decided to to try it. I suffered no side effects and did not feel a caffeine rush. Here are my results: 1 wk I lost 7 lbs, 2 wks 10lbs. One month later 25lbs. Thats about an average of 5 lbs per wk.

    One pill every other day is all you need.