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The Better Homes and Gardens Diet is a diet from the magazine of the same name. It is a low calorie eating plan, designed to help you lose weight if followed correctly. As with most low calorie diet plans, it is hard to decide if you can really handle what it has to offer and if you can stick with it long enough to see results. It is hard mostly because restricting your caloric intake too much can actually slow your metabolism down and send your body into starvation mode where it starts to hang on to all the calories you eat.

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Product Features

The Better Homes and Gardens Diet relies on the older version of the Food Pryamid, published prior to 2005 for its diet recommendations. It also makes use of a lot of charts and math calculations to help you plan, count, and track your meals and caloric intake. Though it does not completely eliminate any of the six food groups, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort in the dietary portion of this program to see any success. There are more than 100 recipes, with many you can make in 30 minutes or less, to help you determine what you are going to eat and when. There are no specific exercise guidelines, but it is most certainly a part of the program. You can do what you are most comfortable with, be it walking, Pilates, yoga, or running. What matters is that you get up and move.

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  • The Better Homes and Gardens Diet is free.
  • This diet does not exclude any food groups.


  • The Better Homes and Gardens Diet is based on counting calories, and as such can become frustrating.
  • You must be able and willing to use a lot of math skills to be successful on this program.
  • This program requires you weigh yourself every day.
  • This program is based on an outdated version of the Food Pyramid.


The Better Homes and Gardens Diet is a well rounded diet program from a trusted brand. The fact that it is available for free is a definite plus, and with the web tools, you can really make it work for you. The technology aspect does just enough to help you without taking away from the magazine itself. However, having to count calories is a major reason why many people turn away from diet programs. This program not only makes you count calories, but throws in various graphs and other charts, which make it quiet complex and overwhelming for a lot of people. When people become overwhelmed, it is enough to call it quits. If you do decide to follow this program, you should use a proven appetite suppressant or fat burner to help you succeed with your efforts.

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