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The Betty Baxter Complete Weight Management system has adopted the concept that you must change your life for the long term, so that you stop yo-yoing back and forth with weight issues. This is in part due to the fact that most dieters use weight loss products that have been built an on unrealistic basis. With the Betty Baxter program, two meals a day are replaced with high protein meal replacement shakes. Additionally it includes a complete eating plan to help you through each day. A management program is specifically designed for each individual. You will be given tools to enable you to monitor your progress, such as logging your weight loss and your individual weight loss challenges in your management journal.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients to the meal replacement shakes were not provided on an official product website.

Product Features

The Betty Baxter program does not promote starvation, nor does it promote rapid weight loss. The products have been formulated to taste good while offering consistent gradual weight loss over time. Betty Baxter claims that in independent taste tests Betty Baxter diet products were been preferred in blind tastings against competitors diet products.

Their motto is that dieters shouldn’t have to suffer through bland, uninteresting food in order to lose weight. The goal at Betty Baxter is to improve your health and well being. Many other diet products promote losing vast amounts of weight in a short period of time which in reality is a dramatic fluid loss. Betty Baxter believes that method of weight loss is unhealthy and is the basis that their program is built on. They have created a three phase system based around quantifiable, long term results. The three phases of the program are Hop, Skip, and Jump. The phases are separated according to caloric intake. Hop, the first step, was designed for women only, and involves taking in the lowest amount of calories. Skip is the first step for men and the second step for women, and includes a slightly higher calorie intake. Dieters remain on the Skip phase until they have reached their weight goals. Jump, the second step for men and the third for women, is a maintenance plan which helps to stabilize a healthy body weight. The final phase teaches dieters how to keep the weight off for good.

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  • The Betty Baxter program promotes long term weight loss as opposed to “crash dieting” which many diet plans and products are based on.


  • Diets designed around meal replacement shakes cause dieters to become dissatisfied and bored and they give up most times.
  • The Betty Baxter program does not include a known appetite suppressant or fat burner to aid dieters in shedding unwanted pounds.


The Betty Baxter Weight Management concept is not a new idea. There are many similar types of plans on the market. The problem is that many dieters become bored with this type of program and give up. Those who are interested in losing unwanted weight should only consider a program built on meal replacement shakes as a last resort. Regular moderate exercise along with a sensible eating plan designed around a variety of foods is a much more fulfilling and tried and true method of dropping pounds.

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2 User Reviews about Betty Baxter

  • 1
    Lesley Fisher

    Betty Baxter may be shakes like other brands but the result is totally different.It’s half the price of Optislim and Optifast for a start.I tried the others and was hungry all the time.I feel satisfied and full on Betty Baxter and am losing weight.I’m very happy with it.


  • 2
    loretta bryant

    I need to know a chemist in coffs harbour a nearby who sell betty baxter shakes I have had great success with these products and now find the Palms Pharmacy no longer stocks it and the Toormina one doesnt anymore.