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Beverly International is a company that produces and markets bodybuilding products and has been in business since 1967. While Beverly International offers many products there are four products that are specifically designed to aid in fat loss. They are named Lean Out, 7 Keto Musclean, Energy Reserve, and GH Factor. These products are primarily sold in powder form making them less convenient then other supplements which come in a capsulated form. Beverly International claims to have consistently used the highest quality ingredients in its nutritional formulations. They claim that this is why their products produce results while other products fall short.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients in the Beverly International line vary from product to product. Lean Out’s main ingredients are Choline Bitartrate, Inositol and DL Methionine, which naturally occur in our body’s cells. 7 Keto Musclean contains the same ingredients that most dietary supplements contain, such as Citrus aurantium, Guarana, and Green Tea Leaf Extract. The ingredients in the 7 Keto Musclean are geared towards burning fat. Energy Reserve only contains L-Carnetine. GH Factor contains Arginine Pyroglutamate and Lysine Monohydrochloride, ingredients specifically formulated to promote the production of growth hormone. Beverly International’s products are specially designed for bodybuilding and muscle development.

Product Features

Beverly International’s claim is that their supplements stand out above the rest. The company claims to use only premium ingredients, proven to work consistently over the long term. They don’t follow trends or seek to make a profit by substituting cheaper or less effective ingredients in their formulations. Beverly International always guarantees your purchase, if you do not achieve the desired results, you will receive a 100% refund. Beverly International promises that their clients will never hear about a “new product” unless the research has been published in industry-related journals and the results have been demonstrated in double-blind studies. Beverly’s promise is that you will see and feel results when you use their supplements and the nutrition and training advice that they offer you.

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  • Beverly International has been producing and marketing bodybuilding products since 1967.
  • Beverly International products can easily be purchased online.


  • Beverly International’s products are designed for serious bodybuilders not for the average person wishing to lose weight.
  • Beverly International does not promote a healthy eating plan with its fat burning supplements.


Beverly International has built its reputation on body building. The average dieter who only wants to lose a few pounds may want to consider a more mainstream approach to weight loss.

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