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Singer, song writer, actress, designer and fashion guru Beyonce Knowles is known worldwide to audiences and her admiring fans for her curvaceous and full figure. It was therefore a surprise when with the premiere of her two thousand and six release Dreamgirls, audiences were treated to a slimmer version of the popular star playing the character of Deena Jones.

The Master Cleanser Diet has been in existence for a long time. The diet is known across the board with a variety of references either as the Lemonade Diet or the Maple Syrup Diet. The diet was initially developed in nineteen seventy six by Stanley Burroughs but was introduced to the public with the publishing of the book, Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Be Happier in 10 Days by author Peter Glickman. It is a liquid diet, form of fasting where no solid food is ingested.


The fundamental formula for the Master Cleanse Diet constitutes the following ingredients include two tablespoons of lemon or lime juice, which should be ideally fresh-squeezed using organic citrus, two tablespoons of original Grade B maple syrup,
a touch of cayenne pepper to taste and eight ounces of preferably purified water either cold or at room temperature. All the ingredients are to be mixed well and the drink is ready.

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The lemonade diet is a short term solution that is likened to a fast as previously mentioned. It can last anywhere from ten to forty days, where strictly no solid food is to be taken. The maker prescribes that the drink be taken anywhere between the quantity of six to twelve glasses daily.

The cayenne pepper is the only thermogenic ingredient in this drink. The remaining ingredients are all taken into the body with a detoxifying result.

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  • It is mild and will therefore not interrupt a normal schedule.
  • It will detoxify the body of all impurities.
  • The lemonade diet gives quick solutions to weight loss problems.


  • The dieter might experience dizziness and feel sick.
  • Most people will become fatigued from lack of solid food.
  • It is an extreme means of weight loss not advisable for everyone.
  • Fasting can cause unhealthy vitamin and mineral levels.


Most wondered how Beyonce was able to tone down so quickly, as she was reported to have lost twenty pounds in just 4 weeks. When she finally opened up to her secret the world was re-introduced to the ‘Master Cleanser Diet’, but like any other diet it is not easy to follow and may lead to weight regain after real food is reintroduced. In most cases, a good fat burner with proven ingredients will far outweigh the results of a liquid fast.

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