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Beyond Cellulite: Nicole Ronsard’s Ultimate Strategy to Slim, Firm, and Reshape Your Lower Body” is a book by bestselling author Nicole Ronsard, which is said to include the most recent knowledge into this innovative “anti-cellulite program” which combines nutrition, massage, and exercise to “improve lymphatic circulation” as well as to adjust one’s balance of sodium-potassium. The book takes a holistic approach to total body health and is supposed to eliminate cellulite and improve overall health. The book emphasizes sensible eating including fruits, vegetables, and grains, with a reduction of fats, and sugars. There are several recipes included. Regular aerobic exercise is stressed and there are directions included for supplemental toning exercises. There are massage and brushing techniques provided in the book which are supposed to break up the lumps and bumps of cellulite by improving lymphatic circulation.

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Beyond Cellulite promotes a diet that includes increased amounts of raw fruits and vegetables, and less fats and sugars. The book explains how the sodium/potassium balance in the body contributes in a major way to the amount of cellulite deposits. The raw produce and toning exercises are said to combine with the massage and brushing techniques to positively affect the sodium/potassium balance, therefore breaking up and eliminating the cellulite. The massage and brushing techniques are harmless and feel good so they’re a welcome addition to any healthy lifestyle. There is a small section about Beyond Cellulite found on Random House, Inc.’s official website, which includes purchase information and some information about the author.

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  • Beyond Cellulite encourages eating a healthy diet and exercise.


  • There is no clinical proof that the massage and brushing techniques are effective at breaking up and eliminating cellulite.


Beyond Cellulite: Nicole Ronsard’s Ultimate Strategy to Slim, Firm, and Reshape Your Lower Body” reminds the reader that eating a healthy, low fat diet, and regular exercise is the key to weight loss. Reading this book can reinvigorate a stalled diet and can inspire those looking for a new, healthier way of life. The book’s points are simply stated and it is a generally enjoyable read. This book is available at several retailers online including, and is reasonably priced.

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