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Beyond Diet Review - Does This Diet Work?

By Summer Banks on Nov 05, 2016
Beyond Diet Review

If you haven’t looked carefully at Beyond Diet, now’s your chance. After hearing a lot of buzz about it, we dove into the details focusing on the ingredients, side effects, customer service and clinical support. We also took a look at hundreds of comments from clients who’ve signed up for the plan. Then, we took that info and condensed to give you the bottom line.


What is the Beyond Diet?

To begin with, Beyond Diet is a program that offers nutritional information and instruction to help you lose more weight. There is a physical book you can purchase, but the main element is the website. You can access the plan via a mobile device, portability is a good option. [1][2][3]

The plan, introduced by Isabel De Los Rios in 2011, is available 100% online, a benefit in a digital world. You can purchase a book if you are more interested having it on paper. [4] Beyond Diet is available for sale from the website. We like the good rating for Live Smart Solutions, the company behind Beyond Diet and the idea of eating healthier to lose weight, but read on…

Hidden Costs – “Watch Out?”

That initial $47 may not be all you have to pay for the Beyond Diet meal plan. “When purchasing a membership to a website it is important to read the fine print,” suggests our Research Editor. “You may be ordering an item with a monthly fee or other hidden costs.”

“On my bank statement I’m being charged every month for beyond plan what is this,” wonders a user.

Another buyer reports, “I bought the $47 product…then….. It kept on asking for more money for more products! It wouldn’t let me go back to my original screen where you put all your card information.”

Poor Customer Service – “Is it Bad?”

We found many reports about poor customer service from dieters who’d purchased the program. “This company is horrible to deal with.. Signed up decided it wasnt for us they say 60 day money back, we canceled 2 days into it and 5 months later they still keep charging our card,” according to a buyer.

We also found a customer who said, “Oh, I’ve been trying to contact you guys from Beyond Diet to try to cancel the monthly purchase I’ve made, BUT YOU WON’T ANSWER TO ME!!! So I advise other people NOT to purchase any of your products!!!”

The fact is, based on our research, one problem or issue with a plan, like poor explanation of price, is all it takes to derail long-term success. If the Beyond Diet program does have poor customer service or hidden costs, that’s when dieters need to start worrying.

The Science – “Can We Verify Claims?”

There’s so little information on the Beyond Diet meal plan it’s hard to know what research to look for. Clean eating is the basis of the program, but this is not the same as consuming less to lose weight. [5] We found no studies to support the idea that Beyond Diet is more effective than other weight-loss options. [6] At DietSpotlight, science is the meat of the matter. There is none here and that’s not a good thing. [7]

The Bottom Line – Does Beyond Diet Work?

We were all hyped up about this one readers, but after researching we came to a disappointing conclusion. Clean eating may remove processed foods from the plan, a good option. We also like the fact that the program was written by a nutritionist, but we’re not completely sold. [8] The company address is for a real estate business, food choices are a bit exotic, Beyond Diet recipes are hard to follow and poor service is not good. [9] Additionally, their noticeably low rating on Amazon (2.4 out of 5 stars) and “F” score on the BBB stood out to us.

When melting away the pounds is your main idea, we suggest a program or supplement that combines proven effectiveness with a good price and a strong customer service team that works to help the customer.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. The company chose ingredients with clinical support showing help with increased fat loss and metabolism. We couldn’t find any customers who mentioned negative side effects, but we did find dieters reporting some great results and the comments about the customer service department were impressive.

Plus, the creators of Leptigen are offering a Special Trial Offer because they are confident in their product, which is a great sign.

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About the Author:

Summer Banks is an ISSA-Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and has reviewed over 2000 diet products. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

How Does Beyond Diet Compare?

Previous Beyond Diet Review (Updated June 18, 2014):

What You Should Know

Beyond Diet is a new online diet program that focuses on giving people a healthy long term lifestyle approach that can help them lose weight and keep it off. Read this review to learn more about the program and how it works so you can decide whether or not you want to give it a try.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable.

Product Features

Beyond Diet charges a one time fee of $47 to gain access to the site, the tools, videos, recipes, and everything else it has to offer. This is a more reasonable price for these services than the $1,200 offered by HMR Diet. You will not be charged again after you pay for the initial access to the program. The program is a gluten free diet approach that focuses on including more organic produce into your diet. You are not counting calories, but you still must pay close attention to your portion sizes so you can be sure you are not overeating. This is similar to the Dillard Diet in that it doesn't require use of a single supplement. There are meal plans to help get you started, recipes, community support, and even a group of health and fitness experts you can ask questions any time day or night. Since you can move at your own pace and never have to pay for the program again, it is good for people who just want to try to transition into living healthier rather than stressing over weight loss itself. This allows for flexibility contrary to diets like Sacred Heart Diet that are followed on a specific time span. However, moving at your own pace may make it harder to stick with the program, because you may not see results quickly enough to keep yourself motivated over the long term.

See Our Featured


  • Beyond Diet is safe for use while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • This program allows people to start when they want to and continue at their own pace.


  • Beyond Diet may cause some people to experience detox symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, and digestive issues when first getting started.
  • There is no exercise guidance to accompany this program.
  • You may need to spend more time in the kitchen on meal planning and preparation.
  • The results may take a while to start seeing, which can be a difficult motivator.
  • It is important to closely watch your serving sizes while on this plan.


Beyond Diet is an online weight loss program that, like the Flexitarian Diet, focuses on creating an attainable healthy lifestyle that you can stick to over the long term, which will make it easier to get healthier and stay that way. It may be hard for people to follow given the time investments and the emphasis on organic foods, but overall, it is healthy approach to weight loss. Healthier than fad diets like Sadkhin Diet. Combine this with regular exercise and the use of a clinically proven safe and effective fat burner or appetite suppressant to get even better results even faster.

Beyond Diet Questions & Answers:

We narrowed down hundreds of user comments about Beyond Diet into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Beyond Diet?

Some potential Beyond Diet side effects, based on customer comments, include increased hunger, irritability, digestive issues, fatigue and nutrient shortages.

What are the ingredients in Beyond Diet?

Beyond Diet ingredients are foods found at local grocery stores.

What is the active ingredient in Beyond Diet?

The active ingredient in Beyond Diet is everyday foods.

Does Beyond Diet work?

There’s no scientific research proving Beyond Diet helps with weight-loss, although the website states the plan is backed by more than 700 doctor and peer reviewed studies. Unfortunately, there are no links to the research.

Dieters may want to mix it up a bit and combine Beyond Diet with a supplement like Leptigen, which consists of clinically-tested ingredients, which have been shown to help you accelerate metabolism and jump start fat loss.

How much does Beyond Diet cost?

Beyond Diet costs $47. Additional content costs $14.95 per month. The Super Cleanse retails at $15 and Beyond Blood Sugar is $67. The main plan lasts 28 days, but users can continue to use it after the first three weeks.

How do you take Beyond Diet?

You should take Beyond Diet plan and follow for 28 days.

Can I take Beyond Diet if I have a health condition?

Woman who are pregnant or nursing, those taking prescription medications, anyone with health conditions or people under 18 years of age, should consult with a licensed physician prior to starting any weight-loss program, including Beyond Diet.

What do users like about Beyond Diet?

Some users of Beyond Diet liked the available recipes and the variety of the program.

What do users NOT like about Beyond Diet?

We found that some users of Beyond Diet didn’t like the poor customer service quality and the recurring cost of products. Additional dieters reported that Beyond Diet is no different than other eating plans.

Who makes Beyond Diet?

Beyond Diet is made by Isabel De Los Rios, although the program is sold through Live Smart Solutions.

How do I contact the Beyond Diet customer service department?

You can contact the Beyond Diet customer service department by calling 1-800-815-1941, using the customer feedback form or by sending correspondence to Live Smart Solutions, LLC 3452 Richville Rd. #1447 Manchester Center, VT 05255-1447.

Is there a recurring charge with Beyond Diet?

Yes, you will be charged a minimum of $14.95 per month for membership.

Will I need to buy additional food on Beyond Diet?

Yes you need to purchase additional foods on Beyond Diet. Several of the recipes don’t include common ingredients.

Are there calorie restrictions on Beyond Diet?

Yes there are calorie restrictions on Beyond Diet. During the super cleanse, you can only consume 900 per day.

Is there a guarantee with Beyond Diet?

Beyond Diet offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the product, contact the customer service department for a full refund.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Beyond Diet?

There are no special deals or discounts on Beyond Diet. However, the past few months have been buzzing with our readers taking full advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is merely the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to try it out.

The Beyond Diet is a diet plan that uses different programs that are supposed to help you eat healthier and lose weight.

Beyond Diet Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: N/A
Serving Per Container: N/A
Amount per Serving % DV
Beyond Diet * *
-Metabolism Test * *
-3 Step Program * *
Beyond Blood Sugar * *
-Blood Sugar Tracking * *
-Glycemic Index Chart * *
BD Super Cleanse * *
-Meal Plans * *
-Daily Affirmations * *

Other Ingredients: None

54 User Reviews About Beyond Diet

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  • 1

    I think the article is very helpful for us,it has solved our problem,thanks!


  • 2

    I ordered over 2 months ago. Money was deducted from my checking account but I haven’t received anything yet!!! Don’t purchase anything from them!!!


  • 3
    Body Strong and Healthy

    Protect Your Brain


  • 4
    Your Name Lynne I like to know if I'm going to be receiving a book or a manual or something for my $74 I do not use Facebook so I do not know how to access this I don't like Facebook so how do I reach you

    I do not use Facebook am I supposed to be getting a manual or a God or something to work on about Beyond Diet.


    Adrian (Editor)

    Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Probioslim official website for more information.


  • 5
    Magda Gildenhuys

    I need to cancel this – its R 224.47 goin off my account


  • 6
    C Martin

    Joined 3/26/16. Cannot log in. Tried to call 3/28 but ws on hold then told to email them. I did and still am waiting for the 4 day reply. Sent another email today. Not holding my breath. Will be calling my credit card soon for refund.



    Thanks for your input, the price to good to be true.


  • 7
    Donna Tamburrino

    I want to cancel the 14.99 charge on my account. I have been calling, but never get a person.


    Stephen (Editor)

    Which number? Have you tried this one 1-800-815-1941


    Stephen (Editor)

    Wow, we are sorry to hear that. We are disappointed to see low customer service quality in these brands.


  • 8

    If I could give it zero stars I would, primarily due to the customer service. I tried to cancel my account, which you can do within 60 days. I tried calling but was left on hold for extended periods of time. Finally a recording says they’re too busy, try the website. I did and got no response. Finally I tried cancelling again the other day. I did get a response saying I was beyond the 60 days, in spite of multiple attempts to contact them. They denied the refund. Beyond that, nearly every helpful hint comes with a string attached. They have great teasers only to learn that almost everything costs additional money, even if it’s just for shipping. There are many more ways out there to help with diet and nutrition that don’t continually demand money. Don’t go down this rabbit hole. Maybe the initial cost of $47 doesn’t seem like anything, but you’ll regret it if you join. Thankfully I’ve already warned three of my friends away.


  • 9

    I joined Beyond Diet a week ago and to date had no issues with the site. Before I joined the group I read many reviews especially from those warning about the add-ons and go straight to the Meal Plans. I like the program because I am tired of diet pills, shakes and counting calories, shots, drops, etc. So far I have lost 3 pounds despite not doing any exercise my first week. I am happy because I have found a product that works for me. It is important that consumers research before diving in as I tell my friends all the time. As an investigative journalist it is imperative consumers don’t buy into everything they see.


  • 10

    I tried calling your customer service many times. Left many messages and many emails but yet no one cares to call me back. What about your community? You give false hopes and all you care is to take our money. You even take more without my permission. I want my money back… You are the worst in customer service


    Cameron (Editor)

    Serrah, we are sorry you are experiencing this with this company. If you’d like another way of contacting them try sending correspondence at Live Smart Solutions, LLC 3452 Richville Rd. #1447 Manchester Center, VT 05255-1447.



    Can I just mail a money order for $47 …. I don’t have a checking accountTell us your thoughts about Beyond Diet.


    Jessica (Editor)

    Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Beyond Diet official website.


  • 11

    Can 15 year olds do beyond diet?


    Rich (Editor)

    Hi, Karissa. These products are meant to be taken by individuals 18 and older. Please consult your doctor on weight loss options.


  • 12
    David Sharpe

    I can-t log in even though I have sent u 2 e-mails asking for help plus the last one about 20 minutes ago asking for password help.
    If no response tomorrow, I will contact credit card company to cancel the charge


    Your Name

    I don’t want moderation, I want assistance. Can’t get on your website to take the Metabolism type test.


  • 13

    Don’t waste your time or money on this program. You can get free info for eating clean. They have a hook then you get crazy emails with more hooks and friends of hers with 20 minute videos of products so her diet will work better. I did lose weight eating clean but I just used free Pinterest posts and you can not lose weight without exercise also free programs on Pinterest. I dislike people who pray on people with weight issues this is one of many programs that does it. I would rate it a -0.


  • 14

    Can this help someone who has high blood pressure and doesn’t need to lose a lot of weight


  • 15
    Your Name

    After signing in you’ll receive e-mails everyday that are basically ad for other diet or supplements.


  • 16

    On my bank statement I’m being charged every month for beyond diet what is this….let me know immediately and Cancel
    Thank you


  • 17
    Gladys Henson

    Is this diet good for a person that has medical issues such as Crohns,High Blood pressure,Heart Disease and Dibetes. I must lose at least lose 50 lbs.


  • 18

    I’m a vegetarian and would like to know if you have meal plans for vegetarians?
    Thank you


    Your Name

    Sorry know this is way later in response but yes they do.


  • 19
    Your Name

    this company is horrible to deal with.. Signed up decided it wasnt for us they say 60 day money back, we canceled 2 days into it and 5 months later they still keep charging our card..


  • 20

    No product received no way to contact no confirmation Just wasted about 100.00 dollars


    Your Name

    Call your card and dispute it.. I have had to several times.. this company is horrible to deal with.. Signed up decided it wasnt for us they say 60 day money back, we canceled 2 days into it and 5 months later they still keep charging our card..


  • 21

    I have just watched your promotional film on Beyond Diet and am very impressed. Is it safe for me to follow as a diabetic on insulin and dapagliflozin tablets daily. I am overweight and am always being advised that weight loss will improve my health. I am 56 years old and have been diabetic since I was 10, and am 12 stones and 5ft 3inches.


  • 22
    Barbara Magill

    Can I get the ingredients in South Africa?


  • 23
    lilian Dayan CImadoro



  • 24

    I have tried a lot of different program but this one is the best. It teaches you how to eat and how much. I started in October I have lost 15 lbs and my husband lost 25 lbs. I would tell anyone to go to beyound diet. You really have to want to do it. Nothing is easy. Good food. I carry a bag of nuts incase I have to miss a meal. Drink your water. This is very important. Water


  • 25
    Jo Ellen Elixson

    I ordered the Beyond Diet about 30 minutes ago and have yet to received my e-mail. Please let me know if there is a problem.



    how long it took you to get your user name and password?



    Hi, did u ever get that email, I just called and got no answer and no email


  • 26
    carolyn bussiere

    It does not consider a person’s age and most importantly the health, doctors orders and prescriptionns. It may be a good diet for those in their 20’s and 30’s but not for anyone in their sixty’s and under a doctor’s care.



    I am interested to know what you mean by doctors orders and prescriptions? it is my understanding that this diet will help with insulin control and I have diabetes:) age 68. Is this diet ok for me??


    Thelma fletcher

    I want to know how to purchase it thank you


  • 27
    Niel Cohen

    I really like looking through a post that will make people think. Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment.


  • 28

    I’m from Greece & I ‘m trying to subscribe to ypur programme. At the application form at the box ‘State’ there is no option for greece & for my credit card , an american express, gives me no selection.
    any piece of advice?


    Your Name

    Get te Sparkpeople diet you can find it AppStore and is free


    Your Name

    Get the free diet instead fidDay


  • 29

    What is the difference between the Beyond Diet and paleo if any?


  • 30

    I don’t know how this diet got all these bad reviews, in 2013 I was overweight, BD helped me loose 20 Ib for good and kept it off. I am not starving, I eat a lot, I don’t count calories, there is a huge community support online, tons and tons of recipes and so many helpful tools for only $50 that you pay one time. if you are not computer savvy and cant navigate online for the info.. I don’t know what to tell you then, Buy the hard copies from amazon and read. Hope this helps those of you questioning the website.


  • 31

    I’m debating on whether or not to spend the money on yet another diet program. I’m doing some research first


    Your Name

    Get Sparkpeople diet or fitDay diet , they are online and are free. Same thing as this


  • 32

    I find Beyond Diet to be a wonderful guide to a healthy lifestyle. Just knowing portion size and how much of what kind of food makes it worth it to me (My chart is on my frig). I am losing weight and often find it hard to eat ALL the food I’m supposed to. And yes, there are alot of other adverts about products I just skip. The basic plan is great! But I also make allowances for my preferences, example: I drink milk so I fit it into the plan and I can’t get used to plain yogurt so I just use my regular greek yogurt w/ fruit but I fugure the sugar is a small portion of ALL the other fresh fruits, veggies and nuts I have to eat. I even splurge every so often and have pizza, but I watch my portions.


  • 33

    I have lost 15 kg in 7 month with Beyond Diet and felt good all the time. It is an effort in the beginning to learn the principle and preparing food will occupy you more than you might be used to, but it works and gives guidance to a healthy lifestyle.


  • 34

    Exactly the question I had also. It sounds like it is the same group when listening to both audio presentations?


  • 35

    What is the difference between Beyond Diet and the program offered by Trim Down Club? The philosophy of balancing carbs/proteins sounds nearly identical, almost as if they are part of the same company. Both have a one-time cost of $47. Trim Down Club seems to give more “stuff” though -personalized meal plans based on your favorite foods, cookbooks, online support. Can you explain the benefits of one program over the other? I am debating on which one to purchase.


    Your Name

    At least this one is more legitimate, The Trim Dow Clud diet is not. They are gather bunch of information from another diets and made it. Sparkpeople and fitDay are better diets and are free.


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