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One thing is for certain; there are quite a few health supplement companies to choose from. Many of these place a focus on diet products and weight loss supplements these days. BHI is one company that offers a product called Detox-Kit. However, this company does not appear to have an official website any longer. As for the product, Detox-Kit, it can be purchased through websites like for a discounted price of $27.52.

There is an utter deluge of colon cleansing and body detoxifying supplements nowadays. The purpose of many of these is to assist men and women with weight loss. Basically the large intestine is addressed, and fecal matter, toxins and waste are flushed from the body. As for Detox-Kit, this liquid formula is actually geared toward people of all ages. The purpose of taking this BHI supplement is to restore a balance to the digestive tract. Apparently many people could potentially benefit from a product like this one due to all of the unhealthy eating habits they have.

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The BHI line of supplements is one that seems to be difficult to come by at this point. After finding some information on Detox-Kit, it is clear that this formula is marketed toward all ages, and can be used to aid with detoxification. It is used by combining 30 drops of each Detox-Kit bottle into a bottle of drinking water. You can drink this over the period of one day to potentially assist with cleansing the colon. However, the BHI Detox-Kit should not be used by women who are pregnant.

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  • The BHI liquid formula known as Detox-Kit can be acquired online.
  • Children 12 years old and up can use this BHI product for detoxification.
  • Detox-Kit comes in a convenient liquid form.


  • There is no longer an official BHI website.
  • No customer reviews or testimonials are posted online for Detox-Kit.
  • None of the ingredients for this BHI product are posted on the sites that sell it.
  • Although a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee is posted, it is not exactly true if you read the specifications (returned product must be unopened and unused).


After doing some online research, it is clear that BHI was once a health supplement company, but apparently is no longer around. At least there is no official website found for BHI. However, there were some BHI products listed on random websites for joint problems, detoxification, health issues, and other ailments. As for weight reduction, the only supplement that seems to apply is Detox-Kit. Unfortunately this liquid formula is more of an internal cleansing aid than anything else. Therefore it is unlikely to help you with any real or long-term weight loss.

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