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By now you have probably come across countless diets that make you stop and wonder. This is to be expected with so many people struggling to lose weight, and so many other people trying to make a buck with a new-age diet plan. One key aspect of eating that always causes a stir is carbohydrates. Carbs typically get blamed for excessive and minor weight gain. This is where the Big Breakfast Diet fits into the picture. This is one approach to weight loss that involves consuming a hefty breakfast each morning in order to quell carb cravings for good.

Although there is no official website for the Big Breakfast Diet, it is discussed on several weight loss websites. Apparently there was a study conducted for this diet plan that involved 94 obese women, who were inactive. The goal was to find out how well a big breakfast would aid them with overall weight reduction. For this study, the Big Breakfast Diet was compared to a traditional low-carb diet plan. In the end, the Big Breakfast Dieters lost around 40 pounds over an eight-month time period. While the low-carb dieters started out strong, they ended up gaining two thirds of the weight they had lost back. The dilemma was that low-carb diets apparently cause carb cravings, whereas the Big Breakfast Diet does not.

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The Big Breakfast Diet is basically a weight loss plan that involves eating a good portion in the morning, and then consuming smaller amounts of food throughout the day. This means low-calorie and low-fat meals after breakfast. However, for breakfast, the dieter consumes 610 calories with 58 grams of carbohydrates, 22 grams of fat, and 47 grams of protein (50 grams is an average daily intake). Lunch then consists of 395 calories, and dinner involves 235 calories total. Naturally it may take a dietician to portion this all out for you.

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  • The Big Breakfast Diet is encouraged with regular exercise.
  • There are no potentially harmful ingredients involved with this weight loss plan.


  • There is no official website for this diet.
  • No convenient appetite suppressants are taken with the Big Breakfast Diet.
  • It might require a licensed nutritionist to plan out your meals for you with this weight reduction method.
  • There does not appear to be a lot of feedback from dieters regarding this plan.


Overall, the Big Breakfast Diet does not sound bad or useless. There are many approaches to weight loss these days that involve suppressing carbohydrate cravings. Therefore it does make sense to consume fewer carbs throughout the day. However, you need to be certain you know how to plan out the Big Breakfast Diet plan before you get involved. This may take some real expertise from a specialist.

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