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Big Bulk Supplements is a supplement company we immediately thought would sell tons of bodybuilding supplements – based on the name. We were unable to find an official website for the company, but there is an extensive storefront on The company sells everything from garcinia cambogia extract for weight loss to chrysin to support testosterone production. There are a few supplements relevant to the dieter, but none are backed with clinical research though positive reviews are available on many Big Bulk Supplement products.

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The trouble with companies like Big Bulk Supplements is the lack of official website and information portal. Customers are expected to read the brief product descriptions provided on sites like and other affiliates. These affiliate sites make money selling Big Bulk Supplements so the information is biased, at best.

In terms of weight loss we were able to find a few supplements commonly used as ingredients in weight loss products like garcinia cambogia. We are not fans of this particular ingredient due to potential side effects, but that doesn’t stop companies from offering the ingredient/supplement.

We found listings for more than 350 supplements from Big Bulk Supplements. Some of the listings are duplicates offering multiple bottles at a discount. Most product descriptions offer the same information – name, indication, ingredients and directions. Big Bulk Supplements is one of the few companies on Amazon that offer ingredients.

When we narrowed down the products to weight loss supplements, we were not surprised to find plenty of single-ingredient products like CLA, Forskolin, Chitosan and Raspberry Ketones. We were unable to find a single supplement that contained more than one ingredient, but the prices were similar to combination supplements with some reaching $50 for a single bottle.

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  • All ingredients are listed in the product description for Big Bulk Supplements.
  • Some ingredients have some clinical support, though support is not listed.


  • Many of the Big Bulk Supplements are not proven to promote weight loss.
  • There does not appear to be an official website.


Big Bulk Supplements provides a plethora of single-ingredient supplements for dieters, but few of the ingredients are clinically proven. Acai is an antioxidant and garcinia is associated with potential side effects. Apple cider vinegar has no impact on weight loss and CLA only works if you are already a normal weight and in shape. We suggest choosing a product with clinical support and more than one ingredient.

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