Biggest Loser 2 DVD Review

Editor's Review: 3.0 / 5.0

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If you’re a fan of the hit TV show “Biggest Loser”, you’ll likely love this workout DVD. Bob and Kim, your hosts, have developed a series of programs fit to meet the needs of anyone desiring to get in shape and lose those unwanted pounds of fat. They’ve even incorporated some of your favorite contestants on the show for added motivation. The several workout choices are designed for the user to customize their workouts and use medicine balls and stability balls as some of the tools. If you’re just getting into a workout program and you’re a fan of the show, you know that the methods designed by the personal fitness hosts are effective and produce great results when you stick with it.

While it appears most of the focus is on the lower body, the workout program combines cardio and strength training for a complete, well rounded workout.

Product Features

The Biggest Loser 2 workout DVD features the weight loss and exercise expertise of personal fitness professionals Bob Harper and Kim Lyons. With approximately twelve workouts to choose from, you are able to customize your daily routines to fit your time and lifestyle schedules. There are also gender specific workouts to choose from. From proper eating to vigorous, sweat breaking exercises, Bob and Kim do all they can to get you motivated and keep you there. You’ll experience many of the same routines you’ve seen on the popular TV show and you’ll be further motivated by some of the contestants that you rooted for as they share their week-by-week experiences and results.

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  • The exercises are prepared for those who want and need to get themselves in shape at a beginner’s level.
  • The program incorporates a balanced approach to healthy eating, cardio exercise and strength training.
  • Bob and Kim are motivating and deliver and fun-to-do approach.


  • You must be self motivated and be able to work out on your own to accomplish results.
  • This may not be the workout program advanced enthusiasts are looking for.
  • Features a lot of lower body exercises that can be tough on bad knees so this workout routine may not be right for everyone.
  • There are no fat burning supplements or appetite suppressant products that are suggested to be used along with this DVD to assist dieters with faster weight loss.


If you look at yourself in the mirror and don’t like what you see, the Biggest Loser 2 DVD might be just what you need to get going on healthier living. The success of the TV show proves that results can be accomplished if you can stick with it. As with any home workout program, you must be self motivated and not afraid to sweat. You’ll also learn how to change your diet in a way that not only will help you to shed pounds of unwanted fat, but will also promote self confidence and an outgoing spirit. Not all workout videos are fun, but Bob and Kim are motivating and provide proven expert advice.

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