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The Biggest Loser Resort is the place to be if you want to follow the same plan as the Biggest Loser contestants, without the actual television appearances. It has everything participants of the show use, minus the cameras. The resort is dedicated to helping people lose weight the healthy way through proper diet and exercise, and may be the right solution for you if you’ve struggled for any length of time. With locations in Malibu, California and Ivins, Utah, the resort is much more attainable than many people realize.

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The Biggest Loser Resort allows guests to reach all their health and fitness goals in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Guests are given access to all the same tools the contestants use to attain their success. There are programs available for teenagers aged 14 and up, as well as adults. Every day, you get an itinerary that includes seven hours of exercise. The itinerary will also feature workshops and seminars on nutrition, fitness, and common diet issues such as overeating, losing motivation, etc. You’ll get a 1200 calorie diet, featuring all three meals and a dessert. The exercise will be broken down over the whole day with meals in between, and you won’t have to do the same thing for long, so you definitely will not get bored with the experience. There is also free time scheduled into each day so you can enjoy a massage at the spa, or get some extra sleep. No one said it will be easy, but you will get what you need to get healthy and stay that way. Guest have the option to stay on-site at the resort, or at a nearby location, and are required to stay for at least one week. Most people seem to stay at least two weeks, but there are many people who elect to stay for a month. Still, other guests stay for several months at a time, or until they reach their goals.

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  • You are given access to a proven weight loss program.
  • There are options for vegetarians and diabetics.
  • You do not have to weigh in, and if you do, it’s kept confidential.


  • The seclusion of the resort is nothing like what you will face in the real world.
  • You do not learn how to make the food on your own.
  • No dairy products are served.
  • You must sign a limited liability waiver.
  • You must pay additional money if you want to get one-on-one time with a dietician.
  • You must pay more if you want one-on-one time with a counselor who specializes in emotional eating.


The Biggest Loser Resort is an excellent way to meet your health and weight loss goals, if you can manage to pay for the trip and accommodations. Not only is this out of reach for most people for various reasons, it is not easy to carry on in the outside world after the experience is over. For most of us, following a healthy diet, exercising on a regular basis, and sticking with long enough to see results is an undertaking we have to handle on our own. The resort, though nice, is a luxury. You can still reach your goals without a trip to the resort, and to do so, we recommend you also add a proven weight loss supplement to help you get the most out of your effort. Embrace your own journey!

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