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Biggest Loser Success Secrets is a book written to compliment the hit television show. It is written by some of the past contestants on the show to help people understand more about the mental journey you go on in addition to the physical. The contestants who are featured in the book share their tips and secrets to help people who need to lose weight reach their goals in the real world without the experience of being on the show. Take a look at this review to see what we think about the book and help you decide whether or not it is worth the investment.

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Biggest Loser Success Secrets focuses on both diet and nutrition, as well as exercise to get in better control of your health situation. The dietary guidelines are not very cleared outlined, but they focus on getting healthy, nutritious foods into your body, in place of the junk food that likely lead to the weight you are trying to shed. You will see a diet comprised primarily of fruits and vegetables with whole grains and lean proteins included, as well. Following the recipes in the book will also help keep your caloric limitations in check for weight loss, as well. The Biggest Loser Success Secrets also focuses on ensuring you get enough exercise between cardio and strength training. There are also motivational and inspirational tactics to keep you on track.

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  • Biggest Loser Success Secrets gives readers insider access to the way the contestants get treated on the show.
  • This book promotes a healthy diet and regular exercise.


  • Biggest Loser Success Secrets does not offer readers a step-by-step plan in for weight loss like the one seen on the show.
  • This book does not offer a menu or meal plan.
  • There are no recipes featured in this book.


Biggest Loser Success Secrets gives readers plenty of information about how to overcome the obstacles associated with weight loss, with everything from staying motivated to stick with the plan and how to deal with plateaus when you just can’t seem to lose the last little bit of the weight. We recommend you follow the guidelines in the book in terms of diet and exercise, to create your own daily plan with the recipes. In addition to the plan you create for yourself based on the book, we advise you to include a clinically proven weight loss supplement featuring either a fat burner or an appetite suppressant in your daily routine as part of your plan. This supplement can help you lose more weight than diet and exercise alone.

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