Biggest Loser The Workout 30 Day Jumpstart Review

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The Biggest Loser is a hit television show where contestants battle to lose weight for a large monetary prize. After the show concludes, many of the contestants go on to become personal trainers for private clients or gyms. The Biggest Loser: The Workout: 30-Day Jumpstart is a unique fitness DVD that allows contestants to try their hand at being a personal trainer, on video. While Bob Harper is pictured on the front of the DVD, he only provides nutritional advice for DVD followers. Previous contestants from the show lead five 10-minute segments.

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Fitness DVD from the Biggest Loser franchise.

Product Features

There are five 10-minute segments on the Biggest Loser: The Workout: 30-Day Jumpstart. Each segment starts out with a warm-up and ends with a cool-down. Some followers complain about the warm-up starting each segment. If the dieter were to choose more than one segment, they would have to warm-up several times in a row.

The workout hits every muscle group and offers a hefty jolt of cardio. Beginners will feel just as comfortable completing the workout as advanced users. A few elderly and overweight followers complained about the workouts being too intense, but this could be the case with any workout. Starting is often hard, but with repetition, a workout DVD like the Biggest Loser: The Workout: 30-Day Jumpstart will get easier.

While there are plenty of positive reviews for the workout, there are negative reviews as well. Viewers complain that the instructors are “green”. This is likely because they are not trained instructors. It would be better if a trained instructor like Bob Harper, pictured on the front, led one or more segments, but that is not the case.

The workout will increase weight loss and metabolism if followed regularly. Followers should use the first warm-up only. Walking in place or doing jumping jacks during subsequent warm-ups will keep the heart moving. The follower can also skip the cool-downs to maintain a higher level of intensity.

The Biggest Loser: The Workout: 30-Day Jumpstart sells for $11.99.

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  • Five, 10-minute segments allow the follower to choose workout length.
  • Easy to complete at home.
  • Beginners and advanced users can follow the workout.
  • Cheaper than comparable workout DVDs.
  • Nutritional advice included on the DVD.


  • No professional instructor.
  • Workouts feel a bit clumsy and forced.


The Biggest Loser: The Workout: 30-Day Jumpstart is marketed as part of a website and book for people new to the Biggest Loser diet. The instructors are all previous contestants on the show, which may help the dieter trust the program, but it lends a novice feel to the video. The segments include a warm-up and cool-down every time. Followers don’t like the idea of cooling down after every segment.

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