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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Biggest Loser Yoga DVD is touted as being a fun and energetic rendition of classic yoga. Bob Harper leads the DVD and manages to explain each move and how proper alignment should feel without slowing down progress. There are many plank moves on the Biggest Loser Yoga. This move is ideal for weight loss, thus the repetition. Beginners are happy to notice small mistakes along the way from previous Biggest Loser contestants on the DVD. The music is light and airy and does not interfere with instruction.

List of Ingredients

Bob Harper led yoga DVD.

Product Features

Bob Harper is a celebrity trainer on the Biggest Loser Reality show. The Biggest Loser Yoga DVD attempts to teach beginners the art of yoga. Despite being a beginners DVD, many users are thrilled by the workout intensity which is slightly more cardio than relaxing yoga.

An interactive DVD menu allows the follower to pick and choose different areas of the workout to create a personalized workout plan. The chapters are played in chosen sequence, which can be changed each time the DVD starts.

The Biggest Loser Yoga DVD runs 55 minutes, but that time is broken into individual segments. Beginners can choose as little as one segment to get started with yoga and add more along the way. Harper, making it simple to complete the segments, describes each movement in detail. Some users complain about having to look at the television from a downward facing position, but this is common in both in-person and on-video fitness workouts.

There are a few negative reviews on the Biggest Loser Yoga workout. Consumers who did not like the video claim it is more of a workout for weight loss than a yoga video. The instructor, Harper, does not name the yoga poses correctly. This is not necessarily a bad thing for the dieter with no experience at yoga.

The Biggest Loser Yoga DVD sells for $9.49. Cheaper than most workout DVDs.

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  • Explains yoga positions with easy to follow instructions.
  • Doubles as a cardio workout.
  • Bob is enthusiastic.
  • No annoying music.
  • Interactive menu to select workout segments.
  • Cheaper than other fitness DVDs.


  • May be too intense for a beginner.
  • Yoga positions are not named.
  • Does not discuss proper eating for weight loss.


The Biggest Loser Yoga DVD is perfect for beginners who want to add a bit of flexibility to their workout routine. Some positions are difficult, but beginners can choose to perform less intense versions along the way. The interactive DVD allows the follower to choose segment order and workout length. The dieter needs to adopt a diet plan in addition to using this DVD.

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