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Biggly is a diet and exercise software program. It is claimed to make women and men scientifically sexy. The official websites emphasizes how bad gimmicky toning products and fad diets are these days. Furthermore, it states how difficult it is to track daily exercise routines and count calories. Via the Biggly website, you can measure your body index (measurements of your body, in addition to your age and sex) in order to find out what your score is. The score is essentially a Biggly ranking of how sexy your body is at this time.

It is important to understand how Biggly works. Initially the dieter is supposed to consume the same foods he/she always does for one week. This is then entered into the Biggly program on your computer. Considering your weight does not go up during this first week, the software will show you the amount of calories you need to maintain your current weight. At this point you simply cut calories by 15 percent. Be sure to take measurements of your body so that you know what your current stats are. The Biggly software then proceeds to help you track your speed, strength, resting heart rate, and endurance. This allows you to spot trends with your body and how it functions regarding weight loss and muscle gain.

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Biggly is basically a software program that aids people with losing or gaining weight. This program comes with a food database that contains over 8,000 items. The software aims to assist you with targeting calories, food group ratios, the distribution of calories across the day, vitamins and minerals you need, actual food consumption versus what is average, protein needed for your body weight and size, as well as providing you with automatic graphing to track daily progress. There is a diet Q&A section provided with the software to answer typical questions you may have. There is also assistance with tracking exercise regimens. You can keep a virtual journal as you make progress. There are some testimonials posted on the website. Biggly Diet and Exercise Software 4.0 sells for $39.95.

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  • A 90-day guarantee is offered with this software.
  • There are testimonials from past users posted on the website.


  • Using Biggly software sounds like quite a bit of work.
  • This type of dieting program may be too time consuming for some individuals.
  • It appears that Biggly is geared more toward bodybuilders specifically.
  • No fat burner supplements are incorporated with this software.


When all is said and done, Biggly certainly comes across as an innovative and interesting software program. It is nice to see how it graphs everything out. Then again, many dieters may not want to spend so much time on the computer. This time could be used more efficiently for exercise and other things. Finally, Biggly is marketed more toward the bodybuilding crowd.

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