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Bill Grant is famous for his bodybuilding achievements. He has been titled Mr. America and Mr. World. He has made several movies and television appearance as well. He also has his own talk radio show and fitness show on Comcast television. All of these achievements have made Bill Grant world renowned for his physical abilities and knowledge. Bill Grant has now created his own line of products to enhance the consumer’s fitness program and diet regimen.


Bill Grant has several products. The ingredients vary greatly between each product. Most of these products contain a large amount of protein to build muscle.

Product Features

Bill Grant has several products available for sale. These products include a creatine shake mix. This product is used by those bodybuilding to create a bulkier muscle mass. This is definitely not a weight loss product. Bill Grant also has a meal line which can be ordered for those who want to eat like the bodybuilding champion. These meals are high in proteins and low in sugar, fat and sodium. This product could be used by those looking to lose weight but more effective methods of weight loss are available through weight loss supplements. While there is a dedicated website for Bill Grant, his products can not be purchased from this website. A complete list of ingredients is also not available on his dedicated website for his products.

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  • Bill Grant is a well known name in the fitness world.


  • Bill Grant does not offer the average dieter or consumer quality products to aid in weight loss or fitness improvements.
  • The Bill Grant products are geared more towards those looking to bulk up rather than slim down.
  • The dedicated Bill Grant website does not disclose a full list of ingredients for his products.
  • The Bill Grant website also does not allow consumers to order directly from the website.


Bill Grant is well known for his fitness abilities but this does not help those looking to lose weight and keep it off. The products endorsed by Bill Grant are aimed more towards those who are already in great shape and are looking to increase muscle mass. Those looking to lose weight should look else where for proven weight loss products.

A proven weight loss supplement will have a dedicated website from which the product can be ordered directly from. This product should contain a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. This weight loss product should also disclose a complete list of ingredients included in their product as well as clinical trials proving the effectiveness of the weight loss ingredients. This product should offer a free trial offer or money back guarantee for customer satisfaction and confidence.

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