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Bill Phillips is the author of the Body for Life books and owner of the Transformation website. The author has quite the fitness and nutrition background. He is the former editor of Muscle Media and former CEO of EAS – a nutritional supplement company.

The author has an educational background in exercise physiology with an emphasis on steroids. There is a history of working out at Venice beach, which is known as then bodybuilding land where steroid use once ran rampant.

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  • Sports exercise expert and author.

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Where Bill Phillips did not succeed in the fitness world, he attempted to take the knowledge and succeeded in the sports nutrition world. Taking from the failures associated with his bodybuilding career, he began a journey into the corporate world. He moved between various jobs, finally landing as the CEO of EAS sports nutrition.

Along the way, Phillips published several books on sports nutrition. The concern we find is that he is not a physician or a nutritionist. A failed bodybuilding career does not make one an authority in the fitness world. Especially when he professed to taking banned substances, including Sustanon, Andriol and Deca Durabolin.

We feel as if Phillips is more of a clever marketing guru, than a fitness genius. The average dieter should carefully consider products from professionals or experts in their respective fields, verses seeking advice from a person with little to no experience or authority.

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  • Bill Phillips has trained as a bodybuilder.
  • He was once the CEO of a nutritional supplement company.
  • He knows what it takes to gain muscle and lose fat.
  • He books and website are well received.


  • The author once took steroids.
  • Bill Phillips is not a trained nutritionist.
  • Not all dieter lose weight and get fit using his programs.


We find the theories presented by Bill Phillips to have substance. As a former bodybuilder, he had to understand the human body in order to compete at such a high level. Unfortunately, not every bodybuilder follows the advice of the trained physician or nutritionist. This is the case of Phillips. He had success in his life as a professional and even ran a supplement company. Doing both of those does not make him an authority in the field of weight loss.

We feel as if the advice and recommendations provided are geared toward the professional athlete and not the average dieter.

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