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The Bill Phillips Transformation Challenge lasts 18 weeks and challenges participants to make lifestyle and eating changes to achieve optimal fitness and weight loss goals. Participants are required to complete 18 assignments. The assignments must be sent to the Transformation Ventures in Golden, Colorado for consideration for the grand prize. The winner receives $50,000 and a one-year traveling appointment with Transformation and creator Bill Phillips. Two additional $1,000 prizes are also awarded. In order to win the Bill Phillips Transformation Challenge, you must use the 18-week program outlined on the official website and in the Transformation book written by Phillips.

List of Ingredients

Fitness and weight loss challenge.

Product Features

Transformation, the fitness and weight loss book written by Bill Phillips, outlines 18 weeks of lifestyle, eating and exercise changes to transform the body. Any member of the Transformation community can enroll in the 18-week challenge to win $50,000. The contest is open to all countries. Participants are judged on success and their ability to share their weight loss story. If chosen as the grand prize winner, the contestant will travel with the Transformation team to promote the Bill Phillips Transformation Challenge and the weight loss program.

Contestants must join to take part in the Bill Phillips Transformation Challenge. As a member of the website, dieters receive access to the 18-week program, meal plans, exercise help and more. Joining the website is free, but contestants must follow the program according to rules outlined in the Transformation book, so buying the book is part of the challenge.

Dieting worksheets, shopping guides and recipes help the dieter stay on track while eating healthy, nutritious meals. Several places on the website mention eating until feeling full, not stuffed. We assume this is a huge part of the dieting plan as the recipes are not diet specific.

Testimonials are available from contest winners and other members of the Transformation community. The before and after photos are extraordinary, but we have so little information on the plan it is difficult to know whether the weight loss occurred because of hard work or strict dieting and exercise.

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  • Free community with tons of tools and recipes.
  • Before and after photos support weight loss claims.


  • Dieters must join the community and buy the Transformation book by Bill Phillips to take part in the challenge.


The Bill Phillips Transformation Challenge is worth a try. Contestants have to purchase the book, but that is the only expense. Recipes are created from simple ingredients that are both affordable and commonly found. Exercise, dieting and shopping tools are available free of charge on the official website even if the dieter does not want to join the challenge.

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