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Bill Wheeler is well known in the dietary nutrition community. He received his bachelors of Science and Masters from the University of Georgia and his Ph.D. from Purdue University in Nutrition. Bill Wheeler has made nutrition his work of life. He has helped develop over 6,000 supplements. Bill Wheeler has also advised professional athletes and Olympic champions on nutrition and supplements. Bill Wheeler has a vast knowledge of what the body needs to have the ultimate nutritional needs.


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Bill Wheeler is well known for his dietary advise. He hosts a blog and talk radio show called the Wheeler Factor. On this show he discusses the body’s need for various supplements such as Vitamin D and also how to lose weight and keep it off. This has made Bill Wheeler not only a well known nutritionist but also a motivational speaker for many who tune in to his show. The Bill Wheeler dedicated website does not appear to promote any particular product, but gives information for those looking for guidance to lose weight and promote a healthier lifestyle for themselves. Bill Wheeler gives consumers guidance to lose weight through diet and lifestyle changes. His first direction is to ditch the scales. He suggests measuring weight loss by inches lost not by the pound. He suggests to increase water intake an to make healthier food choices. Bill Wheeler wants us to clear out our pantries of all of those goodies we love but know are bad for us. He says you should share your goals and celebrate when you achieve them. The guidance on the Bill Wheeler website are rather vague and tips that every dieter already knows.

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  • The Bill Wheeler diet guidance is a great start for those looking to lose weight.
  • The best part is that Bill Wheeler does not charge for this general nutritional information.


  • The Bill Wheeler information does not provide consumers with a suggestion for a proven weight loss supplement.
  • A weight loss supplement with a proven fat burner or an appetite suppressant is not suggested by Bill Wheeler.
  • While Diet is a valuable tool for weight loss, the information given by Bill Wheeler is very general.


The Bill Wheeler approach to weight loss is centered around a healthy diet and increased exercise. He does not give specific dieting information as what to eat and how much but rather a general guide to just make healthier choices. His suggestion for exercise is also just as general. Bill Wheeler does discuss supplements which the body needs to be healthy but does not discuss weight loss supplements. He does not include a weight loss supplement in his weight loss advice.

A weight loss program that includes a healthy diet and exercise program is very important but it is also helpful for those looking to lose a large amount of weight to include a weight loss supplement. This weight loss supplement should contain a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. This product should have a dedicated website which provides the consumer with clinical trials proving the effectiveness of the product.

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    Can the powder shake ever go bad? Canister says expires 10/09. It has never been opened.