Billy Blanks – This Is TaeBo Review

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Billy Blanks: This is TaeBo is a one-hour workout DVD that offers an intense TaeBo workout. TaeBo is based on martial arts and is touted as being an effective workout solution for people of all fitness levels. Any workout DVD that lasts one-hour and uses the word “intense” in the product description is not safe for all dieters. Beginners may find the intensity and speed of the workout to be too much. The DVD starts out with a warm-up, which could be used as a beginner’s exercise program with a few minutes of the program added each week until completing the entire one-hour workout.

List of Ingredients

Workout DVD.

Product Features

The Billy Blanks: This is TaeBo DVD includes a full TaeBo workout and basics section. The Basics shows the follower how to perform each of the movements in the full DVD workout. This is the ideal section for beginners to start with, but following the full workout may take some time as one-hour of TaeBo is reserved for a person of an advanced fitness level.

The official website for Billy Blanks: This is TaeBo includes a very small description of the workout. The description explains nothing about the movements in the program or the fitness level needed to complete the workout. Most Billy Blanks DVDs will display a medical warning for followers before the start of the workout. The medical warning states that followers should gain approval from an attending physician before attempting the workout.

Customer reviews of the Billy Blanks: This is TaeBo video are marred with complaints. According to one user, Billy Blanks spends most of the video explaining how he started the TaeBo revolution and that many others have tried to copy his workout. The final two minutes of the workout is a cool down during which he talks constantly while the exercisers are standing in a prayer pose.

Billy Blanks: This is TaeBo sells for $11.99. offers free shipping and handling on orders over $25.

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  • TaeBo offers intense exercise.
  • Following the DVD will increase weight loss when used with a controlled calorie diet.
  • Cheaper than comparable exercise DVDs.


  • The workout is too intense for beginners.
  • Customers complain that Billy Blanks talks like a salesman throughout the video.


Billy Blanks: This is TaeBo is a newer version of an old Billy Blanks workout. TaeBo is a popular choice in exercise, but the intensity is not for every dieter. Before starting this program, it is important to contact your physician to make sure no health issues will be aggravated by TaeBo. The final two minutes of the cool-down, Billy Blanks talks about himself and how he created TaeBo, this may be distracting for some dieters.

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