Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite DVDs Review

Editor's Review: 2.7 / 5.0

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Billy Blanks Boot Camp Elite DVD set is a powerful workout routine that combines kickboxing and cardio with a sensible diet to produce a leaner body and healthier you. If you are looking for a serious sweat-breaking workout, Billy Blanks’ DVD’s may be the right workout for you. The official website makes claims that if dieters follow the plan provided, Billy’s Boot Camp Elite will deliver noticeable results in a mere seven days. The videos are said to combine a high kicking, hard punching battery of movements to produce a serious sweat and heart thumping blood flow. The site does recommend that you should consult your physician before starting a workout and exercise plan, however. The collection of three DVD’s is available on for $30.95 plus shipping and handling and is shipped from As Seen on TV warehouse. Or, you can go to Billy Blanks’ website and purchase it there for $39.95 + S&H.

Product Features

The website claims that following the Billy Blanks plan of healthy eating with a nutritional diet, combined with vigorous exercise from the DVD’s, will produce noticeable results in just seven days. Billy Blanks Boot Camp Elite provides a complete package to get started with the exercise plan. The set includes: Mission 1 Get Started workout, Mission 2 Maximum Power workout, Mission 3 Rock Solid Abs workout, Two Elite Billy bands with 1-lb weights, and a 7 day eating plan.

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  • Cardio intensive workout is designed to build strength and stamina.
  • Includes a seven day eating plan and encourages a healthy diet combined with exercise.
  • Does not promote dangerous diet drugs as part of the plan to lose weight.


  • The plan is high intensity and not necessarily designed for everyone.
  • The music selection will not fit everyone’s liking.
  • You must be self motivated to get the most from a workout at home program.
  • Billy Blanks programs do not come with fat burning supplements which could help dieters to drop pounds more quickly.


The Billy Blanks website includes a handful of success stories. But of course, who’s going to put disaster results on their site? This exercise plan is designed to increase strength and stamina. But keep in mind that this is a high intensity workout and it may not be for everyone. You will get an incredible workout and you will be out of breath at the end. The meal plan does not indicate what foods the diet includes, so we cannot comment on its content. If you plan on ordering this product, you can save yourself $9.00 off the price by purchasing it from as opposed to buying it directly from Billy’s website.

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7 User Reviews about Billy Blanks Bootcamp Elite DVDs

  • 1

    I love this work out. It really sculpts my body nicely. I do have a bit of a problem. In the process of moving I lost my workout calendar. Do you know where I could get the schedule?


  • 2

    i didnt get the instructions on how to adjust the bands for the billy blanks work out i was just woundering if someone can help me out please.


  • 3
    jan edwards

    I have Billys boot camp dvds including cardio basic training, elite, AB boot camp and ultimate then another 8 minute supercharged cardio DVD but haven’t the diet and not sure in what order they should go. Can anyone help please, especially with the diet? Thanks in anticipation Jan


  • 4
    Mary Beth Baldwin

    I have the videos and some other videos and have lost the meal plan for the 7-day diet. My husband and I did this two years ago, but sadly have put on weight again. Can I just get the 7-day meal plan. It helped tremendously.


  • 5
    Rebecca Smith

    I have these dvd’s but cannot find the schedule for the week to week routine. Which days to do which dvd’s? Help please.


    Jacquie J

    The Schedule for the week to week routine is as follows:
    week 1: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sunday – Mission 1, Tue, Thurs, Sat – Rest.
    Week 2: Mon, Thurs, Sun – Rest, Tues & Friday Mission 2, Wed & Sat Mission 1.
    Week 3: Tues, Fri, Sun – Rest.
    Mon & Sat Mission 3, Wed Mission 2, Thurs Mission 1.
    Week 4: Wed & Sat Rest, Mon & Sun Mission 2, Tues & Fri Mission 3, Thurs Mission 1.



    How do i know which one is mission 1,2,3