Billy Blanks Dance With Me Groove And Burn Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Billy Blanks Dance with Me Groove and Burn is a fitness DVD by the son of Billy Blanks of TaeBo fame. Billy Blanks Jr. leads a fun and exciting workout perfect for people of all fitness levels. Blanks partners with his wife Sharon and uses Latin, R&B and African music for choreography. The customer reviews for the workout video are mixed with just as many negative reviews as positive reviews. The DVD is sold on for less than $15, a bargain for a workout video.

List of Ingredients

Dance Workout DVD.

Product Features

The Billy Blanks Dance with Me Groove and Burn DVD lasts 50 minutes with short 2-minute bursts of movement to increase workout intensity. The beginner can choose to maintain a slower pace during these bursts if the workout moves too fast. The incorporation of fast-paced music and fun dance moves keeps the video exciting and allows the user to perfect dance moves with regular use.

Despite all the positives of the Billy Blanks Dance with My Groove and Burn, there are quite a few negative reviews. The biggest put off of the DVD was the users inability to master dance moves. This is a common complaint for dance workout DVDs.

The Billy Blanks Dance with Me Groove and Burn DVD is broken into several segments. The warm-up includes stretching and gentle dance movements to slightly increase heart rate. The first active segment uses 70s music to get the dancer into the groove. After the 70s, the video moves onto African movement with lunges and total body dance moves. Latin music aids the instructors in working out the lower body, including upper legs and bum. The video ends with a cool down that stresses relaxation and core exercise.

Dance video workouts like Billy Blanks Dance with Me Groove and Burn address the exercise portion of weight loss, but they do not address eating right to lose weight. No matter how many hours you spend in front of the television working out, if you eat bad foods and too many calories you will not lose weight. Dieters will need to find an eating plan to adopt when starting this video for optimal weight loss results.

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  • The DVD is a bargain at less than $15.
  • Dance moves are fun and engaging.
  • The instructors enjoy working together and it shows.
  • Not as intense as TaeBo.


  • Billy Blanks Jr. is far different from Billy Blanks.
  • Some portions may be difficult to follow.
  • Consumers are uncomfortable with some of the dance moves.
  • Does not address healthy eating.


Billy Blanks Dance with Me Groove and Burn makes working out fun. The video comes across as a hip-hop version of a Richard Simmons video.

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