BIlly Blanks Jr Dance With Me Cardio Fit Review

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Billy Blanks Jr. Dance with Me Cardio Fit is a 45-minute workout DVD that uses dance moves to increase physical fitness and weight loss. The DVD includes 2-minute bursts of movement to increase heart rate to optimal levels. Beginners can choose to walk in place during these bursts to keep the workout at a lower intensity. Billy Blanks Jr. and wife Sharon work together with country music, Bollywood dance and hip-hop to create a beginner to advanced workout for everyone who loves to dance.

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Dance Workout DVD.

Product Features

Billy Blanks Jr. is far different from father Billy Blanks Sr. Billy Blanks Sr. specializes in TaeBo and bootcamp style workouts while Billy Blanks Jr. helps beginner’s workout with fun and exciting dance moves. This video is intense enough to be fun and fruitful for the advanced dancer yet slow enough for the beginner. The unique aspect of dance is that anyone can increase intensity by simply dancing harder for a given length of time.

The 2-minute bursts are part of the interval training aspect of Billy Blanks Jr. Dance with Me Cardio Fit. Several times during the 45-minute video, the instructor increases the speed of the dance moves for 2 minutes. This pushes the heart rate higher for that brief time. Afterwards, the movements return to a gentler dance sequence.

Billy Blanks Jr. Dance with Me Cardio Fit starts with a 5-minute warm-up. This is followed by 12 minutes of hip-hop, 12 minutes of country and 12 minutes of Bollywood dance. The DVD ends with a 5-minute cool-down.

Billy Blanks Jr. Dance with Me Cardio Fit sells for $11.49 on Reviews are positive with only a few negative reviews in the bunch. Most followers love the interaction between Billy Blanks Jr. and wife Sharon. If the instructor is not engaging, the DVD will never convince the user to make it through the workout. This is not a problem with Billy Blanks Jr.

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  • Inexpensive dance workout video.
  • Created for followers of all fitness levels.
  • Interval training to increase weight loss.
  • Easy to follow dance moves.
  • Music variety.
  • Online ordering.


  • Some dance moves may be difficult at first.
  • Interval training may be too intense for beginners or overweight dancers.
  • Some people just don’t like Billy Blanks Jr. or wife Sharon.


Before jumping into a TaeBo DVD, beginners may want to start with the Billy Blanks Jr. Dance with Me Cardio Fit. The DVD is for people of all fitness levels. There is no nutritional advice on the DVD, so a dedicated diet is something a dieter will need to adopt to lose weight. Start out slow and work up to the more intense level to prevent muscle soreness.

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