Billy Blanks TaeBo Amped DVD Set Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Billy Blanks TaeBo Amped DVD Set is not sold through the official Billy Blanks website. sells the set for $20.45. The package contains five DVDs and the Amplifier, used in some of the DVD workouts. The five DVDs included in the set are Jump Start Cardio, Fat Burn Accelerator, Full Throttle, Core Express and Live in LA. Each DVD ranges in length from 20 minutes to one hour. A weight loss success guide comes with every order.

List of Ingredients

Five DVDs, Amplifier and Weight Loss Guide.

Product Features

TaeBo workouts are a mixture of martial arts and cardio movements. The idea is to get your heart rate elevated and keep it there for an extended period. TaeBo works wonders for improving muscles strength and tone, but it is also an extremely difficult workout to follow. Each video includes people of various fitness levels to create a well-rounded workout for everyone. This is a great gesture, but the movements are complicated and remain intense at all levels.

The Billy Blanks TaeBo Amped DVD Set includes a basic section that instructs users on the movements used throughout the series. This is the best starting point for people new to the program. The basic section will give you enough of a workout to gauge whether or not you want to attempt a full DVD or stick with the basics for a while.

With five DVDs, the dieter will have no trouble with workout boredom. Some last only 30 minutes and others nearly an hour. Some workouts used the Amplifier workout bar, included in the set, and others resort to traditional TaeBo movements.

The Live in LA workout video is filmed on location in Billy Blanks’ gym in Los Angeles. There are 400 people completing the workout at the same time, which could be a bit confusing for some new followers.

The price of the DVD set is less expensive than comparable sets. Each DVD generally sells for $11 or more, which makes this set quite a buy.

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  • Works out the entire body.
  • Increases metabolism and calorie burn.
  • Includes cardio and strength training.
  • Cheaper than competitor video sets.


  • May be too intense for new followers.
  • The Live in LA video does not include dedicated instruction.


Billy Blanks TaeBo Amped DVD Set is a fantastic buy, but it could sit on the shelf for quite a while if the dieter is not at the best fitness level. TaeBo is intense and no alterations take away from that intensity. It is best to start out with the basic instructions and move on from there. No weight loss diet is included with the DVD set.

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