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Binge Buster is an appetite control spray manufactured by Health Direct, which now contains Hoodia Gordonii and green tea extracts. It is supposed to control your appetite in three ways: it supposedly engages the brain’s limbic system (the taste and smell area of the brain) to provide relief from the urge to eat; it temporarily changes the taste of sweet foods to curb the cravings for sweets; the Hoodia and green tea are said to improve metabolism and the body’s ability to burn fat and calories. Binge Buster is an all-natural, stimulant free product that when combined with an exercise program is supposed to accelerate weight loss.


Chromium (as chromium nicotinate), Hoodia Gordonii, peppermint oil, green tea extract, gymnema sylvestre extract (75% gymnemic acids), water, glycerin, sorbitol, polysorbate 80, raspberry flavor, chocolate flavor, citric acid, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate.

Product Features

Binge Buster is an oral spray that can be used up to 16 sprays per day. Since food cravings are a major reason many people fall off a diet, use of this product may be helpful in keeping dieters on track. It is said to curb spontaneous cravings for any type of food or sweet caused by the body’s normal reactions to the smell or taste of food. It comes packaged in a convenient 1.4 oz bottle, so it can be stored in a purse or briefcase, to be used whenever needed.

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  • Binge Buster is very easy to use – simply spray it in your mouth whenever you experience a food craving or hunger.


  • There is little information available as to how well this product works. The product is touted as a “foremost weight management tool”, but there is very little customer feedback provided anywhere. The website offers no place for support or testimonials, and it is therefore difficult to ascertain customers’ overall satisfaction with the product.
  • Binge Buster spray can be purchased with or without the Hoodia and green tea, and it is very difficult to tell the products apart when shopping online. Interested customers must be careful that they actually get what they ordered and paid for.


Binge Buster Spray may be a helpful tool to those seeking to limit their food intake and cravings. The information available on Health Direct’s website states that the product actually blocks the taste and smell areas of the brain, therefore eliminating the urge to eat. It is said to further suppress the desire to eat sweet and sugary foods, by making them taste unpleasant. Hoodia and green tea extract are known to boost metabolic activity, which helps the body burn fat and calories quicker. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine, Binge Buster spray may be helpful to dieters who wish to curb some of their food cravings. The product is available in its Hoodia/green tea formula and regular formula online and at retail vitamin stores.

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