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Bio Boost is a diet supplement line designed and manufactured by Pro Direct. The supplements in the line were created for professional athletes, such as, tennis and racquet ball players, who have regular periods of increased stress and intense activity, and who need additional nutritional support and energy before, during, and after their sporting events. The four components of the Bio Boost line are Pre-Match, Match, Post-Match and Performance ATP tablets.

List of Ingredients

Although the official website for the company does not provide a full list of ingredients, some of the ingredients are: Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey protein Isolate, Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Cocoa , Sodium Cyclamate, Carbohydrates, Potassium, Amino Acids, Glutamine, Mineral Salts such as Calcium and Magnesium, B-Lactoglobulin, Lactoferrin, Lactollin, Lactoperoxidase, Lysozymeuctose, and Creatine.

Product Features

Pre-Match is designed to help the body to prepare for increased stress and activity. The protein, carbohydrates, and fats slow the metabolism down which provides the needed stamina to get through a particular exercise or event. The package directions say to take Pre-Match at least 60 minutes before engaging in an event for best results. Match is designed to help increase energy levels and provide the needed hydration that the body will need during an event. Additionally, it prevents muscle break down and fatigue during intense activity. Match is to be taken during an event. Post-Match helps to repair muscles and prevents soreness that result from intense stress put on the muscles during workout periods or sporting events. Post-Match is to be taken after a sporting event. Performance ATP is designed to assist in rebuilding the body’s stores of ATP which become depleted during strenuous exercise.

Bio Boost is not intended to be a weight loss product. The products are expensive and may not be affordable for many consumers. The official website for Bio Boost does not contain a money back guarantee.

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  • Bio Boost provides several nutrients to the body which supports strenuous exercise or activity.


  • Bio Boost is expensive and may not be affordable for many consumers.
  • The official website for Bio Boost does not have a money back guarantee.
  • The Bio Boost products are not intended for weight loss.


Bio Boost may be beneficial for professional athletes who regularly engage in strenuous exercise or activities but it is not intended to be a weight loss aid, and, therefore, would not be for the average consumer who wishes to lose twenty or thirty pounds. In that case, you would be better suited to find a product which is intended to boost the metabolism or suppress the appetite.

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