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Bio-Drene is a weight loss supplement which claims it can produce amazing results in very little time. Bio-Drene claims to work even while you are a sleep. Bio-Drene was created and manufactured by Swiss Labs, Inc. Swiss Labs, Inc was established in 1995 and is based out of Kankakee, IL. They claim to adhere to the highest industry standards and only use quality ingredients. The claims that one can lose weight while sleep and weight loss does not require a healthy diet and exercise program makes the Bio-Drene product sounds too good to be true.


According to the manufactures website Bio-Drene contains: Chromium, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Gymnema Sylvestre, Banaba Leaf Extract, and Green Tea SE Decaf. The official website does not provide a complete list of ingredients only the active or main ingredients of the Bio-Drene product.

Product Features

The secret behind the miracle weight loss Bio-Drene claims to offer is based on lowering sugars in the body allowing the body to use fat stores to be burned as energy. The Bio-Drene product contains several well known diet supplements such as CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which is thought to help reduce fat retention. The results of multiple studies have found that CLA can not significantly reduce weight alone without a healthy diet and exercise program. The disadvantages of using CLA are that it can increase the production of gallstones and aggravate insulin resistances in individuals who are obese. The other ingredients included in Bio-Drene also are claimed to affect the use and production of sugar and insulin in the body. There should be concern for those who have a diabetic disorder on how this product could affect their overall health. The green Tea Extract used in this product is a decaffeinated version which will not supply the user with increased energy.

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  • Bio-Drene does have a dedicated website.
  • There appears to be a money back guarantee associated with this product on the website which sells it for $39.99 plus shipping and handling.


  • Bio-Drene makes unrealistic claims of weight loss.
  • Bio-Drene claims to promote weight loss while you sleep without the need to exercise or diet.
  • The clinical trials Bio-Drene uses to back its claims are not published on the official website.
  • Bio-Drene can not be purchased through the official Swiss labs, Inc. website.


Bio-Drene is a product while not completely unsafe, does not seem to be able to back its claims to significant weight loss. This product which claims to be able to help consumers lose as much as 11 pounds simply while they sleep does not promote a healthy exercise program or nutritional guidelines in conjunction with the use of Bio-Drene. Proven weight loss requires a healthy diet and exercise program to insure long term weight loss results.

Consumers looking for a proven weight loss supplement should look for one which contains a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant. This type of product used along with a healthy diet and exercise program can produce weight loss results with long term success. This product should have a dedicated website from which the product can be purchased and offer a free trial or a money back guarantee to promote consumer confidence.

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