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The Sunny Health and Fitness Bio Shaker is a 50-pound machine that uses vibrations to improve circulation. Consumer response to the machine is limited, but buyers are clear about one important factor – this machine will not increase weight loss. According to the official website for Sunny Health and Fitness, the machine is portable, but we find it difficult to imagine toting around a 50-pound machine. While there are health benefits of vibration, none are associated with increase weight loss, increased metabolism or decreased hunger. These are the top three concerns for the average dieter.

The Bio Shaker retails for $150 to $250, depending on the retailer. The official website does not appear to sell the product, but it does provide a product description.

List of Ingredients

Vibration machine by Sunny Health and Fitness.

Product Features

According to the product description for the Bio Shaker, the vibration machine increases circulation and movement of joints. The company also claims the machine will improve fitness levels, though we are not sold on this claim. Firm, toned muscles are not likely to result from resting feet on a vibrating platform.

The machine spans measures 25 inches by 20 inches and holds up to 250 pounds. The user can rest feet on the platform in a seated position, or stand on the platform for total body vibration. There is no frame sold with the Bio Shaker, so the user should position the platform next to a counter top or desk for support if balance is a problem.

The machine comes with variable settings and a remote control, but there is no information on how to use the platform in the official description. We assume the company sends a user’s guide with the order, but that is not mentioned.

We found one consumer complaint that claimed the Bio Shaker caused a serious ligament injury. While the complaint is not substantiated, users should be cautious if they have a history of joint or back problems.

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  • Vibration may increase blood flow.
  • Sold online through various companies.
  • Listed on the official Sunny Health and Wellness website.


  • Will not promote weight loss.
  • No information on how to use the machine is offered.
  • Not sold through the manufacturer.
  • Prices range from $150 to $250.
  • Warranty on parts lasts only three months.
  • Weighs 40 pounds.
  • Holds a maximum of 250 pounds.
  • No frame for user stability.


The Bio Shaker is also referred to as the Mini Crazy Fit Massager on the official Sunny Health and Wellness website. We tend to agree with the alternative name. This vibration machine needs a frame and a brief description explaining how to use the vibration platform.

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2 User Reviews about Bio Shaker

  • 1

    Terrible review. this machine is made great, very heavy duty and portable and it CERTAINLY DOES help you loose weight. I’ve lost 10 pounds in one month using it 2x a day. Also helps release toxins which fill your fat cells.


  • 2

    I purchased it recently and really enjoy it. Seeing results very fast but my remote does not work and I can not get the mschine to work manually. Is there a way to replace it?