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If you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to lose weight then you’ve probably started your search for the latest technological advances in diet supplements. Unfortunately, with each new year comes new diet gimmicks which promise to rid the body of fat and increase muscle tone with little to no effort at all. Bio Synergy Body Perfect is another supplement in the long list of products promising to do just that. Let’s see what claims are behind the product.

List of Ingredients

We found that the key ingredients in Bio Synergy Body Perfect are as follows: Green Tea, L-tyrosine, and Citrus Aurantium.

Product Features

Bio Synergy Body Perfect claims that it will enhance your healthy eating plan and support your workouts to enhance fat loss. They say that the capsules can be used without changing your diet, but suggests, that the best results will be seen if used in combination with diet and exercise. There are no clinical studies that back up the claims and no customer testimonials from those who have successfully used the supplement. In addition there is no money back guarantee posted on the official website for Bio Synergy Body Perfect.

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  • A natural approach to weight loss.
  • Promotes fat burning.


  • No clinical research to back up the company claims.
  • No customer testimonials from those who have successfully used the product.
  • No money back guarantee on the official website for the product.


Buyers beware when a diet supplement promises quick results with little to no effort involved. Bio-Synergy Body Perfect claims that dieters can stimulate fat loss and sculpt their bodies by simply taking their supplement; however there are no clinical studies to back up their claims. Healthy eating combined with daily moderate physical activity, has been shown to aid in fat loss, increase muscle tone, and improve overall health for the long term.

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    i used bio synergy body perfect for one week an lost 5lbs i didnt even exercie once in that week jut ate more healthy and after i didnt put the weight straight back on ive just brought a new box and started using them again today this time will exercise


  • 2

    can i still use bio synerdy fat burner when i’m pregnant



    id say ask your doc..