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Bio-Synergy Body Perfect weight loss supplement is a diet pill designed to help consumers lose weight quickly. The goal of this weight loss supplement is to speed up the metabolism of the consumer while increasing energy through various stimulants. Bio-Synergy Body Perfect weight loss supplement is manufactured by a United Kingdom based company. The Bio-Synergy has had great success in its ten years in business. Some of their products have been used and endorsed by pro athletes and celebrities. These endorsements seem to center around their sports products rather than their weight loss line of products.


Bio-Synergy Body Perfect weight loss supplement contains the following ingredients: L-tyrosine 165mg, Green tea extract 400mg, Citrus aurantium P.E 10% 82.5mg, Caffeine 50mg, Alpha lipoic acid 33mg and naringin 66mg.

Product Features

Bio-Synergy Body Perfect weight loss supplement contains a number of stimulants which aim to increase metabolism and burn fat. These ingredients are stimulants and can have dangerous side effects associated with them. The most concerning of these ingredients is Citrus Aurantium P.E. 10% 82.5 mg. This ingredient is more commonly know as bitter orange. This ingredient became very popular after similar ingredients were banned from weight loss supplements in the United States. Bitter Orange can cause heart related side effects. It increases heart rate and blood pressure. This can be dangerous especially for those with underlining medical conditions. Bio-Synergy Body Perfect also contains a large amount of caffeine. Along with the 400 mg of Green Tea Extract it contains an additional 50 mg of caffeine from an unnamed source. While it there has been limited research showing the effectiveness of Citrus Aurantium as a metabolism booster this product does raise concerns for side effects associated with this ingredient.

Bio-Synergy Body Perfect only seems to be available from United Kingdom websites. This product retails for £21.99, which converts to about $30 for a bottle of 60 capsules. The recommended use of this product calls for the consumer to take two capsules with breakfast but no more than 4 capsules per day. This product is available on the official website, but the official website does not disclose a complete list of ingredients. It also does not offer consumers a free trial offer or a money back guarantee.

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  • Bio-Synergy Body Perfect weight loss supplement does contain an effective fat burner.
  • Bio-Synergy Body Perfect has a dedicated website from the product can be purchased.


  • Bio-Synergy Body Perfect contains a large amount of stimulants, which can have negative side effects.
  • Bio-Synergy Body Perfect does not have a money back guarantee or free trial offer for consumers.
  • Bio-Synergy Body Perfect also does not contain a proven appetite suppressant.


Among all the weight loss products Bio-Synergy Body Perfect falls short from a consumers stand point. While it contains ingredients known for their weight loss qualities it does not promote consumer satisfaction with a website that has clinical trials proving its effectiveness. It also does not offer consumers a free trial offer or a money back guarantee. This product contains a large amount of stimulants, which could prove to be hazardous to some consumers.

Consumers looking for an effective and safe weight loss product should look for a product which has a dedicated website. This website should offer free trial offers or a money back guarantee. It should also have clinical trials posted for consumers to review the effectiveness and safety of the weight loss product. It is also extremely important for a trusted weight loss product to disclose a full list of the ingredients in the product.

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