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BioChem products target a wide variety of people, from bodybuilders to “weekend warriors.” BioChem products provide immediate fuel for athletic activity, and tools for long-term nutritional health. The program takes into account that muscle-building athletes require more protein, while endurance athletes rely more on their glycogen stores. The nutritional bars are sugar free, low carb, and contain whey protein. You should note, however, that permanent and healthy weight loss occurs from a consistently healthy diet and exercise. Consult your doctor before trying these remedies.

BioChem products are sold at Dessert Essence, Country Line, Long Life and Iron Tek. They can also be purchased at a variety of online health food and supplement retailers, although it appears that the BioChem Company itself doesn’t directly sell their products. BioChem considers itself the authority in comprehensive low-carbohydrate products, targeting both the anabolic and aerobic processes in the human body.

List of Ingredients

The following are Bio Chem product highlights, along with their primary active ingredients: Carb blocker: phaseolamine 2250; Fat metabolizer: vitamin and herbs; Omegaburn: omega-6, omega-3 alpha, and omega-9 acids, Vitamins A and E; Sierra Bars: protein and omega-3 fatty acids; GlucoLean: Type E and Z guggulsterones and Forskohli extract. No yeast, corn, wheat, gluten, milk, salt, sugar, starch, preservatives, or artificial color.

Product Features

BioChem offers the Ultimate Carb Phaser 1000, the Ultimate Fat Metabolizer, Omegaburn, for fat loss and muscle building, GenaSlim Blister Card, a vegetarian-endorsed appetite suppressant; Sierra Bars; and GlucoLean, for fat loss, blood sugar regulation, and thyroid and metabolism function. The product is herbal extract mixture, has type E and Z guggulsterones (for thyroid hormone synthesis), and Forskohli extract (for fat burning).

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  • BioChem offers a wide variety of appetite suppressants and fat burners along with a host of diet aids.


  • We can’t find an official website for BioChem.
  • You must buy BioChem products from third party retailers.
  • Shipping and return policies will vary from site to site.


We like all of the different products created by BioChem. There are shakes, pills, appetite suppressants, and much more available for dieters. Most of the prices are fairly reasonable but we don’t see very much along the lines of product descriptions and potent ingredients. You may do better to find a manufacturer with a smaller line of products as these manufacturers usually devote more time to researching their products and perfecting them.

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    I just bought oncolet aka femara.
    Nnovaris will not say it is the same. well is it? same it is the same thing.
    Well is it?