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Bioflavonoids are a popular ingredient in many weight loss and general health supplements. Derived from plants, bioflavonoids perform antioxidant function to maintain plant health. In humans, the same antioxidant properties are the main reason they are included in supplements. Antioxidants have received a huge amount of press with many sources claiming antioxidant supplementation is important to overall health, but there is another side to supplementing with antioxidants like bioflavonoids. Too many antioxidants can destroy too many oxidants in the body. Oxidants are needed for some healthy body functions.

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Plant based antioxidants.

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There are various bioflavonoids taken in supplement form. The most common in weight loss supplements include Quercetin, Pygnogenol and Green Tea Extract. Quercetin works as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Pygnogenol may promote heart health and work as an antioxidant. Green tea is proven to improve weight loss and fat burning along with antioxidant properties.

No matter what the specific bioflavonoid used in a weight loss supplement, they all have antioxidant properties, which is where some dieters may create an improper balance in the body. Oxidants do have positive functions in the body.

Antioxidants remove hydrogen peroxide and other forms of vasodilators in the body. Vasodilators are important for the movement of oxygen throughout the body, especially into muscles. When there is an imbalance between pro oxidants and antioxidants, the body cannot perform optimally.

So what is a dieter or the average person trying to eat healthy for a longer life and better health supposed to do? Experts agree that eating healthy foods rich in antioxidant is important, but don’t overdo it. There needs to be a balance in life and make good decisions. Don’t take every antioxidant supplement, drink only green and snack on acai berries all day. This will likely lead to an imbalance of pro oxidants and antioxidants.

Antioxidants are sold in every imaginable package from meal replacement bars to gum. Each will have a different price.

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  • Bioflavonoids fight off free radical damage.
  • May help heart health.
  • May improve vision.
  • May help repair skin.
  • May increase weight loss.


  • Too many bioflavonoids can cause an antioxidant overload.
  • Some bioflavonoid rich supplements are expensive.


If you like green tea, drink green tea. If you love acai berry juice, drink that too. Bioflavonoids are a healthy choice that will likely support the weight loss efforts of a dieter. The key is to eat foods that are not laced with bioflavonoids and other antioxidants all the time. Choose a healthy balance and eat foods that are rich in vasodilators. Many experts suggest sticking closely to the Mediterranean Diet for the healthy balance between pro oxidants and antioxidants for better health.

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