Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The product description for Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn is one of the most honest and straightforward we’ve ever read. The company simply claims that drinking caffeine in small shots or coffee drinks leads to an instant boost of energy followed by a crash. The caffeinated popcorn, however, allows you to steadily intake caffeine over your desired period of time maintaining a constant supply of caffeine so you don’t crash and you never lose that focus. We are not sure Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn is really the answer to our energy needs as a nation, but we are sure this product is one of the most unique.

The official website for Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn does not supply as much information as websites that sell the product. We found a complete ingredient list – quite clean – and a detailed description on multiple consumer websites.

List of Ingredients


  • Sugar
  • Light Brown Sugar
  • Caffeine
  • Canola Oil
  • Salt

Product Features

Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn is a sweet and salty treat with a kick. The ingredient list is extremely clean and simple. There is nothing in this popcorn but popcorn, oil, sugar and caffeine. We are not sure how the caffeine alters the taste of the popcorn, but reviews from certified buyers claim the popcorn tastes like kettle corn. We are also interested in just how much caffeine is in each bag, but the company only says it is comparable to a strong cup of coffee. Some strong cups of coffee contain 75 mg of caffeine and others more than 150 mg of caffeine. Where we are on that chart is unknown.

We do love the novelty of the product, but from a dieting perspective Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn is not a great product. The popcorn is made with sugar and contains useless calories. If you want to consume caffeine slowly over an extended period you may want to look for a sustained release caffeine product rather than caffeinated popcorn that’s full of fat and sugar.

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  • Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn tastes great.
  • Supplies a punch of caffeine.
  • Allows the dieter to intake caffeine slowly over time.
  • Available for sale online.
  • Sold in individual servings.


  • Contains useless calories.
  • Not a diet food.
  • Not safe for kids.


Biofuel Caffeinated Popcorn is a novelty item that most dieters have no use for. The popcorn is laced with caffeine and if you consume it slowly over a period of time, you will consume a steady amount of caffeine. Ideally, this steady intake of caffeine will prevent the caffeine crash associated with some caffeinated supplements and energy shots. The sugar and fat in the popcorn means this product is not a diet food.

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