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As the diet products market continues to expand on a daily basis, we should not be surprised to see a growing list of “alternative” ways to achieve weight loss. There are many dieters who choose not to take diet drugs or weight loss supplements. As such, it is also difficult for some people to implement and stick to a work out program. Biogetica Holism is an alternative approach to health and wellness that is becoming more and more popular. The philosophy of Biogetica is “complete healing is necessary for lasting healing”. Biogetica Holism takes into account not just an individual’s health and wellness but also the health of the universe as a whole and how it relates to the human condition.


A list of ingredients is not provided on the official Biogetica website.

Product Features

Biogetica is said to address the “root cause” of one’s problems. As Biogetica relates to obesity, the official website uses a certain therapy to naturally balance the person involved through a holistic approach. Biogetica uses a variety of natural product formulas to try and control one’s appetite and stimulate their metabolism.

The levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body are also addressed as well as the body’s levels of water retention. The official website for Biogetica Holism sells Obesity Essentials Kits but through our online research, we are unable to determine exactly what ingredients are in the products are included. Some of the Biogetica products sold for weight loss include C65 Weight Off Combination, X12 Metab Xenobiotic, Obenyl, Reckeweg R59 Vesiculine, T19 Serotonin-Dopamine Liquescence, TPTC Pituitary Complex, T21 Thyroid Liquescence, HDT Thyro Drops, LHD Pro Herb Diuretic, and HRD Renal Drops.

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  • Some clinical research on Obenyl tablets is provided on the official website.
  • Biogetica aims to address the “root cause” of being overweight to ensure dieters achieve long term weight loss results.


  • A complete list of product ingredients is not provided online.
  • Biogetica products are homeopathic and do not contain proven appetite suppressants or fat burning ingredients.
  • The Obesity Essentials Kits are somewhat pricey and may be too expensive for the average consumer.


Biogetica Holism is one of many approaches to weight loss on the market today. These products are considered to be homeopathic and are said to be derived from “vegetable, mineral, or animal sources”. Some clinical research is provided on the Obenyl tablets but not on any of the other products offered by the Biogetica line. It would be better if a complete list of ingredients were provided on each of the Obesity Essentials Kits so that dieters could make a more informed decision on whether or not Biogetica is the right choice for their own weight loss program.

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  • 1
    Esteban Vilahu

    Your ignorance of Homeopathy is embarrassing.


  • 2

    Biogetica reccomends using Assist for natural weight loss. Has anyone tried any of their products before? My sister had good results with Assist a while ago…although it was slow. (Took her over a month to see changes, but at the end of the cycle she lost almost 15 lbs). Biogetica reccomends using Assist with a combination of weight off /Rig and LHD Pro – Herb diuretic. Will I get faster results if I take the combo? Has anyone tried this kit before? I have a wedding in July and need to lose 20 lbs by then!! Please help!!


  • 3

    How long would I have to use these Biogetica medicines to free me from PCOS? It will be cured permanent or it will come back later on? thanks but I really want to try it. please let me know how does it work and how long do I have to take it.



    You have posted on Dec 2011, did u take biogetica medicines after that? Please let me know the results if u had took it


  • 4
    Grace Stringer

    Do you have a treatment for type 2 diabetes?