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BioLean II is a “weight loss system” marketed toward women and men. This tablet supplement is all-natural. The retail price is $85, and it can be purchased online without a prescription. As with most oral weight loss products, BioLean II should be taken daily and is supposed to produce noticeable results rather quickly.

Consumers can find user testimonials on; one major pitch to this diet product is that is supposed to help consumers lose unwanted pounds safely. After using BioLean II for a couple of weeks the user should notice leaner muscle mass and a curbed appetite. Once the user gains more lean muscle mass the body consumes more calories and help the body lose weight.

List of Ingredients

The major active ingredient found in this diet drug is Advantra-Z, which increases the user’s metabolism and ideally leads to weight loss

Product Features

BioLean II is a tablet supplement suitable for individuals that desire to shed excess body fat. It utilizes key ingredients like Advantra-Z in order to burn away excess body fat, increase the user’s metabolism, suppress hunger cravings, and boost energy levels. This supplement may also increase thermogenesis within the body. Customer testimonials are provided on some websites that sell BioLean II but there is no free trial. Although not all online stores offer a 30-day money-back guarantee there are some that do.

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  • BioLean II supplements come in a convenient and easy-to-manage tablet form.
  • This weight loss formula can be easily attained online without a prescription.
  • This dietary supplement may increase thermogenesis.


  • A single box of BioLean II sells for a retail price of $85.
  • It’s difficult to determine if certain ingredients found in this supplement will cause allergic reactions in some users.


Overall, BioLean II comes across as a pretty straight forward weight loss drug. It’s nice to see that this product aims to burn away excess body fat, increase the user’s metabolism, suppress hunger cravings, and boost energy levels all at the same time. On the down side, there are no free samples of BioLean II capsules offered and the product itself sells for a whopping $85, which is certainly higher than many other diet products. Be sure to consult your doctor before starting a supplement for weight reduction such as BioLean II.

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  • 1

    This actually worked really good but it gave me migraines, which I never had before. I would still take it if it weren’t for the migraines. I’ve taken alot of diet pills and this totally curved my diet almost to the point where I would force myself to eat. Makes u really thirsty! I would recommend to people.


  • 2

    I take high blood pressure medication, cymbalta for minor depression and diclofenac for arthritis will there be any adverse reactions with biolean?


  • 3

    Is Biolean safe to take with my high blood pressure medication?


  • 4
    opal martin

    I need to lose weight about 40 pounds is there any thing I need to no about this product



    From what I can tell, there are no clinical studies on this product. Is all that caffeine OK for high BP? Are you willing to be a part of an experiment? There are healthier, clinically-proven options available.


  • 5

    Can I take biolean while breasfeeding



    I was instructed by my OB/GYN to wait until after breastfeeding to begin. He was very adamant about that. I’d check with your Dr first.


  • 6
    Becky Kozlovsky

    I am a kidney transplant patient. Can I take this suplement?


  • 7
    Fran Meyers

    I do not have any energy, what kind of food do you eat with the biolean diet? I have been eating low fat, have lost some weight, but I do not knkow if I am doing it right.


  • 8

    How long has Biolean been on market?


  • 9

    I am on my second week of Biolean and have seen any weight change. I do have bouts of nausea and gas. I plan to struggle thru for 30 days.


  • 10

    This is a terrible product. The ingredients are harmful and can lead to heart issues


  • 11

    would Biolean II effect my blood pressure? I took the first dosage yesterday. I was woken up at 2AM by some burning acid like feeling and flavor on my throat! is that common with BioleanII?


    Dr. Lee

    I have many patients taking Biolean II and loving it. Many of them have type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Biolean II will not increase your blood pressure. In fact after patient loss the weight their blood pressure will go down and some can even stop their medication for their hypertension. None of my patients reported reflux issue with Biolean II. Most common complaint is loose stool.


    Surgical P.A

    Not true,..I took it for a few months,then none day I passed out in the OR. They rushed me to the endoscopy suite and after an endoscopy they found about 14 erosions in my stomach. Biolean contains aspirin,which is not list in there ingredients. Aspirin has a synergistic effect with caffeine and allows better absorption through the bloodstream. Be careful..could be dangerous.


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