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Founded in 2007 by bodybuilders Michael Turcotte and Don Anderson, BioLife Nutrition is better known for the creation of Steel Meal, a wheat and soy-free protein powdered drink derived from micellar casein, a type of milk protein. BioLife Nutrition claims it promotes fat oxidation, a process where fat cells are broken down and converted in energy, improving endurance while reducing body fat.

BioLife Nutrition’s Steel Meal is currently only available online via popular health supplement distributors, including and BBM Fitness for $72.95. BioLife Nutrition’s official website also offers Steel Meal for $53.95, nearly $20.00 off the retail price. Their website also offers a 30 day money back guarantee, redeemable for up to a month after purchase.


BioLife Nutrition’s Steel Meal contains undenatured micellar caseins, medium chain triglycerides, inulin, gum arabic and aspartame.

Product Features

BioLife Nutriton’s Steel Meal features micellar casein, a milk-derived protein they claim is a highly absorbent protein that promotes fat oxidation, a process that breaks down fat to produce energy. In theory, this process should decrease body fat, increase energy and promote lean muscle mass gain, and some evidence supports this–according to the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, micellar casein improved better nitrogen retention in rats, improving exercise endurance.

Micellar casein also releases amino acids more slowly in the blood steam, allowing it to filter into the blood stream for up to seven hours. Unlike other proteins, this may improve the rate of energy production and fat oxidation, decreasing body fat.

Another core ingredient, called inulin, may also improve bone health. According to The Diet Channel, one preliminary study revealed consuming inulin with calcium-rich foods–or in the case, combined with milk-derived micellar casein–improved calcium absorption, promoting bone health. But this was only a preliminary study, and scientists have not studied it extensively to see if it contains any side effects, which is common with processed food additives, such as inulin.

It is also not clear how much micellar casein is needed to promote fat oxidation, nor do these studies look into any possible side effects of consuming micellar casein. This is especially concerning considering BioLife Nutrition recommends taking three to five scoops of Steel Meal two times a day–nearly 120 to 200 grams of protein per day.

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  • Their powdered drink Steel Meal contains micellar casein, a type of milk protein that was shown in a study to cause fat oxidation.
  • They offer a 30 day money back guarantee, redeemable through their official website.


  • There have been no studies conducted on micellar casein’s safety, especially concerning any side effects.
  • It is a fairly expensive product.
  • It only claims to reduce fat while increasing energy levels, which is mainly a concern with bodybuilders, not the average dieter.


BioLife Nutrition’s main product, Steel Meal, may be ideal for bodybuilders interested in promoting fat oxidation, but there is little evidence proving it is a safe product. Dieters who don’t want to build lean muscle mass may also prefer a different product containing more thermogenic ingredients, such as guarana or green tea extract.

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