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What You Should Know

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The BioMazing HCG drops claim to cause fat incineration and extreme weight loss. The drops are safe for both male and female dieters and a prescription is not needed for the supplement. In addition to taking BioMazing HCG drops, the dieter is expected to follow a 500 calorie per day diet. Eating only 500 calories per day is the same as starving. Weight loss will occur, but the dieter will suffer from extreme hunger and metabolism could drop to account for fewer calories. There is a money-back guarantee mentioned on the official website. According to the product description, the BioMazing HCG drops will help the dieter lose as much weight as HCG injections without the pain and higher cost.

List of Ingredients

No ingredients are listed for BioMazing HCG drops.

Product Features

The BioMazing HCG weight loss program is based on the theories of Dr. Simeon. According to Simeon, a dieter could take HCG injections and eat a 500 calorie diet every day to lose a substantial amount of weight. The Simeon plan has been studied for many years and most experts agree the plan is an unhealthy weight loss solution. Eating only 500 calories per day is not enough for lasting weight loss. The dieter will likely be very hungry on the plan, despite the claims that BioMazing HCG drops force the body to burn, 1,500 to 4,000 calories from fat every day.

Without a complete list of ingredients, we have no idea what the drops contain. Dieters need to know what they are taking in supplement form before purchasing a product like BioMazing HCG drops. One bottle of BioMazing HCG drops with Pantosure sells for $80. There are no ingredients listed for PantoSure, but the supplement is supposed to tighten loose skin that results from fast weight loss.

There are no clinical studies listed supporting HCG as a healthy, effective weight loss solution. If all dieters needed to do were take HCG drops like BioMazing HCG to lose weight at a rate of one to two pounds per week, everyone would be a healthy weight. Not providing a complete ingredient list for the supplements is a bad choice. Dieters often research products before buying and this product expects the dieter to trust the company – not likely.

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  • None.


  • Eating only 500 calories per day is unhealthy.
  • Very low calorie diets tend to result in rebound weight gain.
  • The dieter will feel hungry.
  • No ingredients listed for any of the BioMazing supplements.


The Dr. Simeons eating and HCG plan has been circulating on the Internet for many years. The diet is on the level of starvation and HCG drops are not proven to initiate fat burn. There is no reason for the dieter to trust this weight loss plan.

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