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The Biometrics website offers a nutrition plan for fitness professionals who want to provide their customers with more than an exercise and weight lifting program. The website offers five “distinct and researched” weight loss programs designed to satisfy palate and pricing. Each six-week program option includes a customized meal plan, weekly shopping lists, and breakdown of individual meals and snacks, along with additional nutritional information such as tips on grocery shopping, meal preparation, and dining out. The program is designed to take advantage of everyday grocery store food items and is not based around a pre-packaged product that has to be purchased form the company.

Product Features

The Biometrics website says that those who enroll will receive a team approach for support, personalized service, and attention. For those enrolling as providers in the Biometrics plan, Biometrics provides a nutritional menu (they look just like the ones at the fancy restaurants) with lots of variety. Biometrics claims that following their plan of healthy eating combined with regular exercise will produce some pretty impressive results in only six weeks.

Biometrics’ plan features real food obtainable from the grocery store and doesn’t require that users purchase pre-packages meals. The plan combines sensible, nutritional eating with a regular regimen of exercise to which users must follow to achieve weight loss results. The website also explains that personal fitness facilities enrolling in the plan can expect that the plan is easy to sell and has high profit potential.

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  • Everyday food menu plan designed for a healthy, nutritional diet.
  • Combines healthy eating with sensible exercise.


  • The plan is designed for health and fitness professionals and not directly available to the general public.
  • The website does not provide pricing information.
  • The website displays a link for a newsletter, but the link appears to be a test link only.


There are several success stories and customer testimonials on the official website for Biometrics. While most of these types of weight loss plans require the participant to purchase their pre-packaged foods the Biometrics plan allows for a sensible and delicious menu of “real” food. Biometrics team of doctors and health care professionals know that a nutritional diet combined with a regular exercise program is what produces weight loss results. The plan is also designed to increase strength and stamina. The down side of this plan is that it is only available through fitness centers. The Star Reviews team feels this is a genuine approach to healthier living and gives the Biometrics plan thumbs up!

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