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Sometimes these flyers come in the mail advertising weight loss products like Bioptimax Acai. Dieters flock to the Internet looking for information on the products, but there is no real information to be had. The flyer gives a phone number to call if the dieter wants to order the supplement, but no website or email address. There is no ingredient list – but the dieter assumes acai is in the formula because of the supplement name. Bioptimax Acai is associated with the Bioptimax company. The company sells a variety of supplements, but we did not find an acai supplement on the official website. We did find mention of a flyer selling the supplement.

List of Ingredients


  • Acai
  • Two Other Ingredients

Product Features

Based on the supplement name and a brief description from the official website that once was – we know there is acai and two other ingredients in Bioptimax Acai. The acai is a strong antioxidant that fights free radical damage, but it has no positive impact on weight loss or metabolism. Some companies try to sell acai as a cleansing supplement, which could be the case with Bioptimax Acai, because all the advertisements we find list it as part of a cleansing and thermogenic compound.

The next two ingredients are unknown, but the short description mentions increased metabolism, huger control and energy. That means, in our opinion, caffeine. Caffeine is the star ingredient. It is used in nearly every diet supplement because it works and dieters are familiar with it. We have no idea how much caffeine is included, but we feel strongly about the fact that it IS included. If there is no caffeine in Bioptimax Acai, there may be guarana, synephrine or some other stimulant.

The final ingredient could be a laxative or an appetite suppressant like hoodia. We know Bioptimax like hoodia because they currently sell a hoodia product. Hoodia is NOT an effective appetite suppressant. There have been clinical studies proving the fact that P57, the active ingredient in hoodia that is supposed to suppress hunger, is metabolized before it has any effect on hunger.

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  • We found a brief description of the supplement.
  • Likely contains caffeine and acai.


  • May contain hoodia.
  • Not available for sale online at this time.
  • The flyers may be selling a fake product.


Bioptimax Acai used to have an official website and a huge flyer campaign. There are still flyers popping up here and there, but there is no longer a website to give dieters the down low on the supplement. We would choose a supplement that has a current website, testimonials and a free trial over Bioptimax Acai any day.

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    I have purchased it in the past and was looking for another purchase. According to my bottle, it does not contain hoodia but does have iodine, chromium, acai,ginseng,etc. I found it to be a very effective, subtle supplement and would like to continue taking it.