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BioQuest is considered one of the leaders in bodybuilding science, and their diet supplements are arguably their most popular products. This includes BetaStax, a thermogenic weight loss product. BioQuest’s weight loss line also includes powdered protein drinks, which they claim promotes muscle growth and FusionForce, a pre-workout fruit beverage.

BioQuest products are currently available through’s online store, GNC and other health supplement stores for $54.95, with additional discounts given on These stores do not offer a money back guarantee, however.


BioQuest’s products contain Chromium, Creatine and several amino acid complexes, including L-Arginine and L-Carnitine.

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BioQuest recommends using BetaStax in conjunction with FusionForce and their powdered drinks to maximize its results. But their ingredients are a cause for concern–some of them may not work as reported, and may even be harmful.

Chromium, for example, was believed to increase body metabolism until the 1990′s, when one study revealed it had little impact on the body’s metabolism. Later studies also revealed overuse of chromium caused DNA damage in laboratory rats. Although no studies have been conducted on long term use of chromium, The Annals of Pharmacotherapy reported one woman developed kidney failure and liver damage as a direct result of using chromium for five months. Because of this, some physicians do not recommend using products containing chromium if you have a family history of kidney or liver disease.

Creatine, which is used exclusively in FusionForce, may cause anorexia, diarrhea or sudden nausea. The Mayo Clinic also reports it may cause asthma-like symptoms, which can interfere with exercise endurance. Although the protein it provides may increase muscle mass, too much protein may also cause painful kidney stones, eventually causing kidney damage. This may ultimately lead to death if left untreated.

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  • Many of their products are available at discounted prices.
  • Some of BioQuest’s prodcuts may increase muscle mass.


  • They do not offer a money back guarantee on any products.
  • Overuse of chromium may cause DNA damage, and was reported to cause kidney and liver failure in one person.
  • Long term use of creatine has been associated with kidney stones, asthma-like symptoms and anorexia, or a prolonged loss of appetite.
  • Some physicians do not recommend using products with creatine, including the creatine products included in BioQuest’s product line.


BioQuest’s products may help build muscle mass, but it may also cause painful, sometimes irreversible damage, sometimes leading to death. Because of this risk, it may be unsafe for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Also, because many of its products can cause side effects, consultation with a physican before use is highly recommended, especially if you have a family history of liver or kidney disease.

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