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Based in the northeastern United States, BioRhythm produces a variety of bodybuilding supplements targeting different areas of muscle building and body fat reduction. Many of the supplements claim to promote exercise endurance, themogenesis and increased muscle strength. Several products are designed for consumption before a workout to increase post-workout results.

BioRhythm supplements are exclusively available online through for $79.99 and up, with money back guarantees offered on unused products. They recommend using several products together to enhance endurance, weight loss and post-workout recovery to quicken muscle mass gain.


Many of their supplements contain Caffeine Anhydrous, Hoodia Gordonii, Yohimbine or Synephine, better know as Bitter Orange.

Product Features

BioRhythm’s products feature a plethora of stimulant ingredients, including Caffeine Anydrous, a form of caffeine, and popular thermogenic ingredients such as Hoodia Gordonii and Synephrine, better known as Citrus Aurantium or Bitter Orange.

Caffeine Anhydrous is an important–and potentially dangerous–ingredient that dieters should be aware of. Caffeine Anhydrous contains the equivalent of two cups of coffee, doubling its stimulant effects and side effects. Although it may improve alertness and temporarily reduce fatigue, overuse can cause dizziness, rapid heartbeat, diarrhea or muscular tremors. In severe cases, it may cause seizures or uncontrollable vomiting.

Synephrine, better known as Bitter Orange, was shown to improve thermogensis in one study, but did not cause significant weight loss, and was not scientifically proven to aid in weight or fat loss. It may also cause ephedra-like side effects, such as increased blood pressure, migraines or fainting. In some cases it even triggered a heart attack or stroke.

Hoodia Gordonii is also not a scientifically proven appetite suppressant. Many studies have concluded it has a minimal effect on weight loss, but unlike synephrine, won’t cause significant damage to the heart.

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  • BioRhythm offers a money back guarantee on all products.
  • It contains Caffeine Anhydrous, which may improve exercise endurance and alertness.


  • BioRhythm’s products contain few ingredients which are scientifically proven to promote themogenesis, a key component for sustainable, long-lasting weight loss.
  • Some of its ingredients may cause dangerous heart-related side effects, and may even trigger a heart attack.
  • Fainting, dizziness and rapid heart beat are commonly cited side effects associated with many of its ingredients.
  • Their products are only available online through their official website.
  • Their products are very expensive.


BioRhythm contains a core ingredient base with many stimulant properties, which may cause a potentially dangerous condition called a rapid heart beat. This can overload the heart, causing more side effects than advantages for bodybuilders and dieters. People are advised to speak with a physician before beginning any supplemental diet program, especially if using BioRhythm products.

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