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BioTech Nutrition is a health supplement company best known for its bodybuilding supplements, which include Max Gain Plus, a weight gain supplement, Meta Diet, Energy Paks and Hydro Tech, a unique protein formula that reportedly supports muscle growth. All of these products (and more) are available through their website,, with limited availability in health nutrition stores such as GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe.

Unlike other bodybuilding supplements, BioTech Nutrition isn’t formulated for the average male who wants to gain muscle mass fast–some are also customized to fit a woman’s dietary needs, including Biotech Nutrition’s fat burners and dietary supplements. But BioTech Nutriton won’t reveal how much these products are, with the only indication of its price available in health supplement stores (The Vitamin Shoppe sells their products for $17.99 and up).

They also do not publicly reveal the ingredients included in their supplements on the website, which instantly raises red flags about the true nature of BioTech Nutrition’s credibility.


Not indicated on its website.

Product Features

BioTech only makes brief mentions of their main ingredients–which includes creatine, chromium and guarana–in the product descriptions on their website. But even these ingredients may not be scientifically proven to promote muscle gain or weight loss, and may be potentially dangerous for long term use.

For example, creatine was shown to improve the buildup of muscle mass due to its rich, protein core, but may also cause kidney stones, diarrhea or even asthma-like symptoms. Many health organizations warn bodybuilders that overuse of creatine can harm the body, ultimately causing irreversible damage to the kidneys.

Chromium, which Biotech Nutriton claims promotes weight loss, was proven in a recent scientific study to have no effect on thermogenesis, a key component of effective weight loss. They also reported it may cause irreversible DNA damage, which can trigger a variety of genetic diseases.

A 2007 study on guarana revealed it improved memory and alertness, and even improved fat cell reduction in animals–but later evidence also revealed it may contribute to seizures. It may also cause shakiness commonly experienced when drinking coffee, often referred to as “caffeine jitters”.

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  • They offer bodybuilding products suitable for men and women.
  • According to the Vitamin Shoppe, their products are fairly affordable.


  • Some of their products may cause kidney stones or seizures.
  • There is very little information on their website about the ingredients used in their products.
  • They do not list the price of their products on their website.


There are plenty of options available here when it comes to gaining–or losing–weight, and even includes products for men and women, rarely seen in the bodybuilding market. But many of their ingredients may be harmful, including chromium and creatine. Speak with a doctor before beginning any supplement regimen, especially with Biotech Nutrition’s products.

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