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Biotech Ultra Loss Shake is a protein shake that is supposed to help the dieter lose more weight. Recently we have stumbled across several products that include fat burning ingredients with protein to facilitate weight loss, so we thought this was going to be the same type of supplement. Instead, the ingredient list shows nothing more than protein and amino acids. The total calories per serving is less than 100, so we see the link to weight loss, but dieters should consume more than 100 calories per meal. We did find some vitamins and fiber in the mix, but there’s not enough fiber to count that as an appetite suppressant.

List of Ingredients


  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Calcium Caseinate Milk Protein
  • Amino Acids

Product Features

Whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate are fast-digesting proteins. The body quickly digests and utilizes the protein for muscle growth, muscle recovery and energy. This is the least expensive and most common form of protein used in meal replacement shakes like Biotech Ultra Loss Shake.

The other version of protein in the shake is calcium caseinate milk protein. This protein is slightly different because it takes longer to digest. The longer protein stays in the stomach, the longer the dieter feels full after drinking the shake. We love the fact that Biotech spent the extra money to include a slow-digesting protein, but we’re not sure even this ingredient is enough to promote weight loss.

What is missing from the formula? There is no appetite suppressant. With all the vitamins in the mix, the company could have thrown in some chromium to help control blood glucose response. This is not typically a problem with protein shakes, but if a dieter takes too much protein the body will convert the extra to carbohydrates and that could cause a blood glucose problem and hunger.

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  • All of the ingredients in Biotech Ultra Loss Shake are listed as a product label.
  • Contains three different types of protein.
  • Biotech added vitamins to create a complete meal replacement shake.
  • Contains only 100 calories per serving – so the dieter can easily manage calorie intake.


  • Protein shakes are not as effective as weight loss supplements.
  • The dieter may notice increased hunger if they eat too much protein.
  • Biotech could have added a natural appetite suppressant like chromium.


We are all for controlling calorie intake to lose weight. As a matter of fact, this is the area of weight loss that most dieters have the most trouble with and thus diet shakes are crucial for successful weight loss in these cases. However, selling a product as an Ultra Loss Shake is a bit deceiving. This supplement will not increase metabolism or help the dieter control appetite.

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    hi i am 30 years i am femail i want to reduce weight from my body and mainly from stomach area is it effective .


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    hi my age is 30 i am a female am doing exercise to reduce weight can this product is effective in weight loss and how many days i have to take.what is the cost of this product.thanks