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Biotin Review - Does This Supplement Really Work? Are user complaints and insufficient evidence deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 4.1 / 5.0

biotin-product-imageLately there has been all sorts of buzz about Biotin supplements, so we conducted an in-depth review, looking closely at the ingredients, side effects, customer-service quality and scientific research. Moreover, we checked out countless user comments and dieter reviews posted on the internet. At last, we summed up all of the facts to give you the information you really need.

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What You Need To Know

Biotin is a vitamin that is found in foods such as carrots, almonds, halibut, milk and walnuts. It is also known as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H. There are countless dietary supplements on the market today that contain Biotin and some of these are multivitamins. Biotin helps break down substances in the body such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Often this vitamin is claimed to treat hair loss, skin rashes, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, brittle fingernails and toenails and even weight problems. There are some claims that Biotin helps the body process food and utilize energy more efficiently. While there is no set recommended amount of this vitamin for daily use, typically 10-100 micrograms per day is safe.

Biotin has been available in supplement form for many years now. It’s easy to obtain these supplements online, as well as in local drugstores and supercenters. Biotin is a natural vitamin that you can get from your daily diet and it does help with overall health, but read on…

User Complaints!

“After doing some online research, we noticed that there are many customer complaints regarding Biotin supplements. In fact, some people even report adverse effects, which could mean a high dose of this vitamin is unhealthy,” says our Research Editor.

According to one customer, “It caused these dry skin rashes all over my body, on my scalp, and my lips. My lips are so dry they’re bleeding.”

“After about 2 weeks of taking a full capsule, my skin started to break out, my breasts were extremely tender, and I noticed no change in my hair or nails,” said another user.

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Insufficient Evidence – Another Concern

There is simply not enough evidence to link Biotin to weight reduction. In fact, one dieter commented, “Haven’t seen any effects yet in the past four weeks since I began using the vitamin.”

Another user stated, “Have not noticed any weight loss, but a lot of acne breakouts.”

Our research has revealed that if there is some particular part of a diet supplement or weight loss program that is very problematic (insufficient evidence, too many user complaints, a fat price tag) the probability of long-term success is rather minimal. So, if Biotin does not produce real results in a high number of people, this could be a serious problem.

The Science

There have been some studies and research conducted with Biotin supplements. However, according to WebMD, this vitamin can help with conditions such as thinning hair and skin rashes. It also helps with Biotin deficiencies. On the other hand, there is not sufficient evidence that Biotin can help with weight loss. For us at DietSpotlight, we need to see published science that supports the product or supplement and how it aids with weight management.

The Bottom Line

While we appreciate that Biotin is an important vitamin that is healthy in small quantities, we do not believe this is a good supplement for fat loss or weight management. Put simply, there is really no solid correlation between Biotin and weight loss. You should also note that too much of this vitamin leads to side effects in many people and these include skin irritation, acne breakouts and body pains. Therefore it makes more sense to go with a product that has been proven to assist with fat reduction.

Those who need to slim down and trim off excess body fat, we encourage you to select a diet supplement that contains clinically proven key ingredients, is backed by excellent customer service and is supported by positive user reviews.

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How Does Biotin Compare?

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What You Should Know

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It's important to understand that there are many ways to shed excess body fat and numerous key ingredients that can assist with this process. Take Biotin (used to be called Vitamin H) for instance. This is basically a "b-class" vitamin that can be found in a number of foods and supplements. The intestines produce Biotin in small amounts regularly. This substance has been linked to weight loss because it aids the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Common foods that contain Biotin are poultry, rice, vegetables, beef, spinach, oatmeal, nuts, and egg yolks.

Not only has Biotin been linked to weight reduction, but it has also been associated with hair maintenance, bone strength, and the health of finger/toe nails. This means that brittle nails and hair loss can be attributed to a lack of Biotin in ones diet. In regards to weight loss this vitamin is claimed to aid the body with processing food and utilizing energy more effectively. This is why some people believe that Biotin boosts energy levels and leads to a slimmer figure. Some supplement formulas that offer Biotin are Country Life Biotin capsules, Natrol Biotin tablets, Twinlab Biotin capsules, and AST Multi Pro 32X caplets.

Product Features

Biotin aims to increase energy levels by assisting with food digestion. Those that lack this substance in their diet can experience afflictions such as dry skin, hair loss, mental depression, nausea, fatigue, and brittle nails.

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  • Biotin is good for the human body and may assist people with having healthier skin, nails, and hair.
  • Biotin is a natural substance.


  • There are no documented clinical studies which heavily support Biotin as a weight reduction ingredient.
  • Biotin does not aim to suppress the user's appetite.


Studies have shown that this substance can benefit the user's hair, skin, nails, and overall health. However, when it comes to issues like real weight loss, whether or not Biotin supplements will assist dieters with shedding excess body fat is not certain. It's probably a good plan to investigate a number of weight loss products before giving Biotin supplements a shot. After all, there are a number of other supplements that are better supported by studies.

28 User Reviews About Biotin

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  • 1

    Does biotin really help you lose weight? Some recommendations?


    Karen (Editor)

    Hi Jessica. We feel there are more effective products on the market. If you are still looking you might want to consider Leptigen, a more proven fat burner.


  • 2

    I havnt been taking it long but im having bowel problems is this normal


  • 3
    scared girl

    Een taken biotin for 1 month now and before that I was having a mormal menstrual since biotin its been late has any one else experienced thisbkind of change in the body. Btw I know im not pregnant I have been tested numerous of times. Im also taking a b12 vitamin with the biotin


  • 4

    I took Biotin for 6 months – 7500 mcg – and I feel it made a noticable difference in my nails (no peeling and splitting)and my fine thin hair felt thicker with more volume. I ran out for 2 months but am back on it, I might increase to 10,000 mcg a day as I saw no ill effects.


    Your Name

    Are you still taking it and did you increase your dose?


  • 5
    Betty T

    I am now taking biotin as a hair regrowth product. I have taken it at least 1 week today and I do see a in my appetite, my energy level and to me, my skin looks a lot better. Right now I would give it 5 stars. My hair feels softer and that leads me to believe it is starting to work. Will get back with an update as the time goes on. Most importantly it is easy to take. I was really excited to know it assists with diebetics as that is running rapid in my family although I do not have it.


  • 6
    Rosemary Fischer

    Can Biotin cause nausea or side effects taken with medication’s


  • 7
    lisa j.

    can biotin 10,000 cause your stool (poop)to turn green?



    I just took 5000 today and had green diarrhea. I have been taking 1000 twice a day for months but heard of people taking 5000 once a day, so I tried that. I’m wondering if it could be the cause of the green poo.


  • 8

    dematalist say 15000 mcg daily


  • 9

    I just started taking biotin 1000 mg and it says to take 1 a day I have tried everything to grow nails and nothing works they break,chip,split and so now I hope I have found something that will work .


  • 10

    I just started taking biotin 1000 mg and it says to take 1 a day I have tried everything to grow nails and nothing works they break,chip,spit


  • 11

    age is 27 and i m female .i start takin biotin 2months befor for hair and my weight was 78kg but after 2months my weight is 70kg and i dnt go to gym…my ine frnd she told its ciz of biotin and its good for me but my frnd told me if u stop taking pills u increase u r weight in double speed is it true? And if it is yes thn what is solution for tht?



    Its because of the increase in metabolism. Increase in urination keeps body active all the time. Cells never rest :)


  • 12

    Biotin is a must-have. The ingredient Biotin, or vitamin B7, is crucial for the production of keratin, the key structural component of hair, nails, and skin. Daily doses as high as 60 mg a day can be taken for long periods, as there have not been any reports of biotin toxicity.

    I also make sure to use a shampoo with a high biotin and vitamin content – for this I recommend the Shielo Volume Shampoo. The Shielo shampoo, combined with biotin supplements, will give you everything you need. I had success using both together.


  • 13

    Hi, ive been taking biotin for 2 weeks now and its already grown my hair a lil bit but yesterday I noticed a bulge at my nail bed and underneath what is another nail. I am a little worried should I keep taking biotin and let the nail underneath grow and push the nail on top off or what… It is 3 of my fingernails and 2 toenails… Someone plz help…..


  • 14

    I dont know if it actually works for weight loss but what i do know is that it does work for hair. I bought a bottel containing 100 tablets with 1000mcg at target for $3.00 and in 2 weeks my hair has grown 1 1/2 inches, and i have like 1 1/2 inch of baby hair growing all over my head wich is exiting for someone with thin hair that seems like it never grows. I do take 6 tablets trough out the day 2 in the morning after lunch and 2 before dinner wich equals to 6000mcg. I think its fine considering that there are tablets that contain 7500mcg each.


  • 15

    Thats so true! When I started taking Biotin 6 months ago, I broke out here and there but nothing horrible. Eventually the breakouts stopped. My nails and hair have grown alot. My hair sheds less, and my nails never chip or break anymore.
    Also, I noticed my appetite is nonexistent. This is good and bad. I have lost weight but when it comes time for me to eat my appetite is nowhere to be found. I eat small meals- as I seem to get full very quickly. Food isn’t as enjoyable as before and it takes forever to finish a meal.


  • 16

    I just purchased biotin today, and plan to start it tomorrow so I thought I would do a quick review on it to see if it really works. First off let me say that in these reviews I have seen where some say that the supplement is causing breakouts of tiny pimples all over the face.. As a cosmeologist I know that when starting any type of new skin care or supplement helping overall skin health, your skin is GOING to get worse before it gets better simply because that is your body working to push all of the bad stuff out of your pores. Once all of the dirt and oil is out that is when your skin health will improve. I have seen where people say they stop taking biotin to see if it will help the breakouts, NO! You are stopping the process!’ continue taking the supplement, tough it out for a few more weeks and see what happens then. I cam pretty much guarantee your skin will look better, and healthier than ever. I mean think about it.. Your nails grow.. And get rid of the old brittle nails, your hair grows out so you can cut the dead stuff off, your skin is pushing all the grime out to it can become more healthy :)



    OK so this is why my skin is breaking out. I guess it’s worth sticking it out.



    i guess you have to be patient then.



    good to know still dont know if i can stick it out,i hate pimples, i never get them


  • 17
    Eileen Glaser

    How does one know how much Biotin to take?


    diane paul

    how much



    Good question. I just bought Biotin 7500 mcg capsules, and would like info if that it too much or enough.


    Mary L

    Would like to know if 10000 is too much?


    Your Name

    these comments make scare to take biotin

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