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Biphedadrene is a weight loss pill on that has made a miraculous return to the market in recent months. The product apparently disappeared for a while due to an “overwhelming demand” for it on shelves. If you are looking for a product to help you burn fat and suppress your appetite while you are following a diet and exercise routine to help you reach your weight loss goals even faster, read this review to find out how this product compares to others on the market today.

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Biphedadrene does not provide a full ingredient listing on their website to help people analyze what they are getting before they buy it. They advertise it to be an amphetamine like compound, which means it will boost your metabolism to help you burn more fat and suppress your appetite, but it could have some side effects, such as insomnia, increased blood pressure and heart rate, and jitters. There is an extreme warning listed on the product, that says you should use caution while using this product as part of a balanced diet and exercise routine. While we do like that it promotes a healthy diet and exercise program, we tend to shy away from it because it indicates it may not be safe. A 60 capsule 15 day supply of this supplement will cost you $75 plus shipping and handling costs, where a 30 day supply will cost you $135. A 60 day supply will cost you $270, and give you an additional month’s supply for free, thus saving you $135.

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  • Biphedadrene has ingredients that will help you burn fat and suppress the appetite.
  • This product seems like it has the potential to have very negative side effects.


  • Biphedadrene is an expensive product for many people.
  • This product does not provide a free trial.
  • There is not a full list of ingredients available for review.
  • We are not able to find any evidence of clinical research to support this product.
  • There are no customer testimonials to support this product.


Biphedadrene may very well produce weight loss results, but individual results will vary based on the type of diet followed, the amount of exercise you do, and the overall amount of weight you have to lose. Given that we are not able to closely examine the ingredient list, and there is an extreme word of caution right there on the product packaging, we advise you to proceed with caution when using this supplement. It is definitely not safe for women who are pregnant, nursing, or trying to become pregnant. It is not safe for children under the age of 18, and likely is not a good option for those who have heart or other health conditions.

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20 User Reviews about Biphedadrene

  • 1

    This is my third day taking the pills and I’m seriously considering calling it quits. You feel the energy boosts after 15 minutes which is great. However, sleep has been difficult and now my symptoms include my limbs tingling (like when circulation suddenly rushes through) and my fingers started moving involuntarily for 5 minutes. I’m 22 years old 5′ 7″ and 200lb. I’m going back to gnc to return this, it’s not worth my health


  • 2
    Sonja Roche

    I just bought biphedadrene and I will be starting to work in the hospital here but I didn’t want to show up dirty on a drug test because of it. BUt I seriously need to lose about 90-100 lbs. does anybody know if this could happen if I start taking biphedadrene before my drug test


  • 3

    I was introduced to biphedadrene by my roommate she gave me 40 pills (20 purple and 20 yellow) I lost 30 lbs in a month. I look so good. It’s not just taking the pills that will get you results you need to diet and exercise. I was hitting the gym 6 days a week for about 3-4 hours at a time. I was also running every morning. My diet was poor not because I was eating bad food but because I wasn’t eating enough to give my body the protein it needed for my muscles with all that work I was doing. Negative side of effect for sure is my insomnia. I can seem to be able to sleep for a couple nights and then one day I’m so exhausted I just crash sleeping for hours in the middle of the day. But I go to the gym late around 10pm and leave at 2 or 3 am. I stopped taking them for a couple months but just bought a new box a couple days ago. I just take the pills right before I work out once a day that’s it so they last me a good amount of time. I’m a college student living on my own paying my own bills with a 2 jobs and I can afford them. They’re worth it!!! But give it 2 weeks to start seeing results and a month for others to see it. Exercise and diet or else you won’t progress as dramatically


    Your Name

    Lost 30 lbs in a month. Ok!


  • 4
    virginia weaver

    I got my box of biphedadren on may 24th 2013 and have been taking it like it said but I would like to know how long it will be before I start to see weight loss.. I did not get any book telling me what to expect from taking these diet pill’s.



    I took this for I think two months with moderate exercise and diet. I didn’t take it seriously but by the end of two months I had lost alot of weight. I started to notice my jeans very loose they weren’t holding onto my body anymore, everybody was in shock and when I got on the scale, I was weighing 124lbs from my usual 143lbs. Love it


  • 5
    Evy Vaudrin

    This is my first day trying BiphedAdrene. Wth all the bad reviews I’ve seen from a few websites, it almost completely discouraged me from getting this product, but i have to say that i’m loving it so far, after taking the first dose yesterday morning it started to work in 15 mins! i felt the rush of energy that made me want to get out of my pj’s and exercise, instead of lounge around sitting in front of the tv watching re-runs of gossip girl. I’m 5’6 and 100lbs over weight and i’ve been wanting to lose it but had no energy and always felt down, but i feel great! which contributes to me want to be more active and is definately a plus. My appetite has decreased and im not constantly thinking about food, i did noticed that i’ve been super thirsty and have been drinking more water which i normally don’t do, so that’s another plus. i started this with my sis-in-law and she feels the same, that this is working! the only downfall about it is that its very costly, but i’m glad i can purchase it through Amazon and i can take advantage of the prime thing and get the shipping for free and that they are super quick too! so heres’s my 1 vs 1000 great review!! so i’d say give it a try and if doesn’t work for you.. then move on!


    Betty Crews

    I have been using this product for 4 days now, and I have been experiencing bad headaches, muscle spams in my stomach, jittery, nausea and sleeplessness, does these side grow lesser the longer you take this product?



    drink more water


  • 6

    i just started taking biphedarene 2 days ago.i need to lose 80 pounds. i’m going to be pissed if this doesn’t work. i paid 100.00 at gnc for this. i pray it works without giving me headaches.


  • 7

    I’ve been on it 3 days. No negative side effects. Lost 4 lbs in that amount of time and I’m a lot more energized and seemed to put me in a more positive mood. I take it twice a day and I have zero problem sleeping. I would recommend it so far.


  • 8

    did you lose any weight or did the serious side effects made you quit before you could lose weight



    Carla Istarted taking around oct 6 2012 I weighed myself toward mid end of dec n had lost 15 pounds as I stated before if it makes u jittery take half purple n whole yellow n eat within 15 min of taking it. Also limit caffeine intake . I called them n got that info from an operator and it worked.


  • 9

    this pill is serious hell when i take it i feel like i’m about to die!!!! my heart starts palpitating, i start getting shortness of breath! and worst of all while i’m sleeping i stop breathing at times waking up with rapid heart beating. i cut my intake down to one serving per a day. i’m so freaked out. now i’ve quit!!


  • 10
    Deana Payne

    Hello im Deana Payne i would love to here from some one thats tryed this becouse im a 47 year old femaleand im 5ft/4in tall and kind of top heavy but between us i weight 178lb thats a lot im taking thynoid meds and more then a few outhers dut i still need some thing to help me get fid of about 35-40lbs around ther


    Brandy Bueno

    Deana, I am 40 yes old & we are the same height & weight. I just keep getting bigger! I have no energy therefore I don’t exercise. My question for you is have you tried the Biphedadrene yet? I don’t want to waste more money on more lies. Please let me know what you think




    Not a good idea on thyroid meds. U have to be really careful with strong diet pills and thyroid. My opinion, not worth the risk for you. Try to find something more natural.


  • 11

    Would biphedadrene cause a positive for amphetamine on court ordered random UA’s or mouth swab?



    I would hope not, considering that would make it a “controlled substance” which would be a schedule 2 narcotic.


    Evy Vaudrin

    i work in a clinic and have access to urine drug screening tests and haven’t come positive for amphetamine.