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Bistro M.D. is a weight loss plan that centers on pre-made meals. Users will need to only eat the meals that are delivered to them and follow strict guidelines for this weight loss meal plan to work. The Bistro M.D. meal plan can be used by both men and women of almost all fitness levels. Users are encouraged to exercise along with this meal plan for maximum results.

Product Features

Bistro M.D. is a meal plan program that promises weight loss. Users will no longer have to cook or shop for their daily meals. All the food the user will need is delivered to their home and requires no calorie counting or portioning. The meals that are included with Bistro M.D. are said to be gourmet meals. This program states that the amount of weight a user can lose will depend on many factors such as how much exercise they incorporate into the plan, their age, current weight, and if they have any outstanding medical conditions that may interfere with their weight loss or ability to exercise. Bistro M.D. also claims that the average user can lose approximately two to three pounds every week they are on this program. This weight loss meal plan restricts users to 1,200 calories per day and this allows them to eat three meals and two snacks from the foods in the meal plan.

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  • All Bistro M.D. meals are pre-made and pre-measured so users are not guessing on what foods to eat and what the proper portion size is and meals are delivered to users.
  • Bistro M.D. was designed by real medical doctors.
  • This weight loss meal plan seems relatively easy to follow and comes with simple instructions.
  • There are user testimonials on the Bistro M.D. website.


  • This plan is not FDA approved.
  • Those who use this weight loss meal plan must stick to a strict diet.


Bistro M.D. doesn’t really seem to stand out from the rest of the weight loss meal plans available on the market today. There is no absolute evidence to prove that these products will work for everyone. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and needs and decide if using the Bistro M.D. meal plan is right for them.

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11 User Reviews about Bistro M.D.

  • 1

    I did not like the Bistro “automatic renewal” system for ordering. They don’t have an option for specifically ordering for must one week or two weeks. They should provide different options for those who don’t want to be on it every week. WHAT IS CRAZY IS THEY CHARGED ME BEFORE I GOT MY FOOD. When I called saying I didn’t want any more…they said they would “TRY” to stop it! I didn’t care for the food and was not happy when I got more food. I think they need to make people aware when they order any food that they will be sending you more…makes me feel like this is a scam!!!


  • 2

    BistroMD has the BEST tasting food, and HUGE portions compared to commercial meals, and it is ALL NATURAL food.

    I needed a jumpstart to weightloss, and on a 5-day plan with no excercise, i still lost 1-2 pound/week and did not feel deprived. The food flavor is SO GOOD, my husband would steal my meals for himself – and he’s not on a diet! I eventually starting having extra meals delivered for him.

    Points on other people’s comments:

    - You CAN exclude meals with ingredients you don’t like, and you can create a ‘do not include’ list for snacks/meals you don’t like.
    - Customer service is very personal and friendly, and I NEVER had a problem with damaged food over six months of deliveries.
    - They send you a WEEKLY MENU that tells you precisely what to eat on which day for which meal. Breakfasts are labeled as Breakfasts. Lunches and dinners are interchnageable depending on the day.

    They use no preservatives, no artificial flavors, colors, and no MSG. This is food you could cook yourself, if you had the receipe – and it convinced me that I DO like vegetables – I just never knew how to prepare them in a tasty way.

    My friend, a male, has been on the plan four months and has lost 30 pounds so far on the 5-day plan, with running 3-4 days per week.

    The review here says nothing distinguishes this plan from others and it’s ‘restrictive’. Bull. The flavor of this food is OUTSTANDING – many dishes are even crave-worthy. That is NOT true of other meal delivery plans. And ‘restrictive’ is precisely why I need a delivery service – because I am an emotional eater, and left to my own devices I over-eat… when I have a plan, and a daily menu, I stick to it.

    This plan works, this food tastes good, and the deliveries come in well-packed recyclable ice chests with dry ice delivered express.

    You can customize the dleivery plan with somene on the phone – there are more plans than advertised just oj the website. HIGHLY recommended. It WORKS.


  • 3

    ome feedback of customer’s using the service


  • 4

    Oh Yeah…thumbs DOWN!


  • 5

    Needed to drop aprox 10 lbs and researched delvery diets and decided on Bistro MD. Positves for me are: Easy, packaged well, many optons, the price was decent for what they offered. (I got the 5 days of meals plus snacks)
    Things that sucked: I wasn’t allowed to pick my food!!!,the food arrived but there was nothing tellng me what was what or which meals were breakfast, lunch or dinner so I had to spend 25 minutes on the phone with customer service to go through everythng. The snacks they sent are just plain horrble. I stated that I liked chocolate, cheesecake and french toast and got none of any. The snacks they sent consisted of 2 bottles for each day of this powdered fruit drink mix and a chocolate powder drnk “shake” which sucks consdering I’m a snacker.
    I’m on day 2 and the main courses so far are just the middle of the road type stuff and the side dishes have grossed me out so far.
    It was fun to order and get but now I’m bummed that I spent the $169 when could have planned a lttle and just purchased the 3 meals a day from the frozen foods at the market and saved a frkin TON of money. It has that frozen food, preservative type flavor so why not just pay 2 or 3 bucks each at the store? If you plan it out and buy the entire week’s worth of food, it will be there ready to go just like this junk and you’ll save about a hundred bucks.
    I give this a big fat NO.
    I could see it working out for someone who is up for spending $179 a week, likes typcical frozen meals and is kinda lazy. I’m the lazest person I know but I’d rather go buy stuff then continue with this. bleh


  • 6
    sick in michigan

    Expensive and terrible. Works like a combination laxative/emetic. I lost weight, but …


  • 7

    Anxious to try a diet that requires the minimal amount of time was so tempting. So, I spent the money and filled out the profile, foods I hated, liked etc. and then waited. My food came almost 2 weeks later and only after I sent them an email asking where it was. That was the first disappointment. The second was that foods I never ever eat were in my delivery. I emailed them and they refunded me but my diet was already thrown off by 3 meals. My first breakfast (bagel/egg/sausage) was so dry I couldn’t even eat half of it. The rest of the foods weren’t that good and I ended up throwing meals away because I couldn’t gag them down. Don’t get me wrong, some dinners were good. However, I wouldn’t advise wasting money on this diet plan.


  • 8

    I’m trying to find the nutricial info on the site for the meals. I have high blood pressure and need to watch my salt intake. Is there any info on sodium levels?


  • 9
    ticked in Florida

    Food was great and very convenient. Well balanced and effective. Unfortunately they have had a problem for months with poor packaging and food arrives damaged. They have prompt refunds but when more than half of the week’s food is damaged and they won’t fix the problem. Well, see ya…..



    My first shipment the shipped to south florida on tues and as of Friday still not here!!!


  • 10

    Bistro MD has a lot of variety in food. I am only on my second week but the convenience is just amazing, I LOVE being able to to put something in the microwave and walk away and having breakfast, lunch or dinner ready in a couple minutes… no more shopping for ingredients, no more waiting in traffic. The food itself is fantastic, it is truly restaurant quality. My favorite so far has to be the crepes for breakfast and the meatloaves for lunch. The snacks are excellent as well, i happen to like jerky, so when i found the 50 calorie very low sodium jerky in my box, it was an awesome day… I highly suggest it for anyone, it is definitely not hospital food, and the portions are HUGE compared with lean cuisine, yet still the same calories… I dont know how they do it, but i’m loving it…