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Bite Log is an online diary website where dieters can keep track of foods, fitness and feelings. Two diary styles are available – daily and scrolling. The daily diary provides an exclusive entry page for each day. Scrolling collects all days on one page and displays all entries as one rolling collection of information. Bite Log is a free website, but users must register before logging with the diary function. Bite Log offers various calculators and tools, including an ideal weight calculator and weight loss calculator. The website is a bit difficult to navigate, as there are many links and sections of the website.

List of Ingredients

Calculators and daily diary log.

Product Features

Bite Log specializes in online calculators. The front page of the website displays more than 20 calculators. Dieters can enter basic information like height, weight, goal weight and activity level and figure out what types of exercise are best for weight loss or how much weight they have left to lose.

In addition to calculators, the website offers an in-depth nutritional analysis of many foods. The food listings appear to be added to a database by website users so the nutritional information may not be accurate. There is also a section of articles and information about dieting and weight loss. All of this information is free and accessible without registering for the website.

The Bite Log diary may help some users keep track of the foods and calories they consume during the day, but logging on to the website just to jot down feelings and foods may take more time than it is worth. The dieter can achieve the same thing by writing down foods on a piece of paper and looking up the calories and other nutritional information online.

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  • Allows visitors to access lots of free information.
  • Free listing of food nutrition.
  • Free calculators.
  • Two options for online diaries.


  • Users must register before logging in the daily diary.
  • Information on the Bite Log website is a bit jumbled.
  • Too many links on the main page makes the website confusing.
  • Dieters can write the same log on a piece of paper and save time.


Bite Log is a novice dieting tool website with lots of free calculators and articles, but no real benefits. The dieter must log into the site every time they want to access the diary. The daily entry is the same as a food diary, which can easily be kept in a small notebook. Though the website is free, dieters may find they spend far too much time writing in the diary. The nutritional information may be user-defined, reducing the trustworthiness of that information.

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